Smart Meters Will Not Reduce GHG Emissions, Save Energy and Vehicle Emissions COULD Be Reduced Immediately With No More Deaths of Children Or Pets in Vehicles During Heat Waves

As one of the governments and industries trained and certified energy professionals, our job is energy with associated emissions. For the UN Meeting on Climate Change last year we had provided science to ex Prime Minister Harper showing massive emissions and wasted natural resources were used responding to symptoms. It would remove the massive electrical waste off electrical grids immediately while creating millions of tax paying jobs immediately.

Ex PM Harper worked for the political party first and didn’t pass on the info to the UN or share it with the new Prime Minister Trudeau. As a real and direct result, Canadian buildings are grossly exceeding their Regional Climatic Data provided through Building Codes by Environment Canada. The domino effect is the mass installation of wireless smart meters which will not save 1 watt of energy while creating 100s of billions in liability. This link is part of the evidence for the British Columbia Utilities Commission in the FortisBC application calling for the suspension of their smart meter program. You will see the energy smart meters are trying to address tied to a Building Code rule and the smart meters will not save 1 watt of energy. Observe the last few pages where solar EMFs have created a serious building problem and MASSIVE energy waste responding to the symptoms. The last page shows functional landscaping shading a building while the exposed areas are generating atmospheric heat without emissions produced. 

I contacted Volkswagen after their emission’s testing telling them they could reduce vehicle emissions without touching the engine. A further benefit would be there would be no more deaths of babies, children or pets left in vehicles on a hot day. 

Chrysler has the same problem that could be addressed without re-engineering the vehicle at big costs. Meeting and exceeding emission’s standards without re-inventing the wheel.

The costs and more emissions are harmful environmentally and are inside babies before they take their first breath. The Body Burden and polluted newborns means cancers from conception.