Solar EMFs Causing Buildings to Exceed Building Codes

Prime Minister Harper, Environment Minister and other politicians are treating the environment as politics instead of the intricate science it is. The end result is buildings across the country are grossly exceeding Environment Canada’s building codes.

The Harper Government has ignored their government trained and certified energy professionals. They are not achieving their objectives and haven’t shared this information to the United Nations looking for a source of atmospheric heat.

Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor, if we heat the atmosphere it changes weather. The real problem is we can’t see temperature, we calculate for it.

Here is a picture of Canadian buildings superheating the atmosphere without emissions produced. Later in the day, their air conditioning will run full time using 1000s of watts per hour reacting to symptoms.

Here is the time-lapsed video showing buildings being radiated and billions in development grossly exceeding building codes.