Specific Absorption Rate Test(SAR) for Limits of Human Exposure to RF EMFs used by FCC, Health Canada, Global Governing Bodies, American National Standards Institute(ANSI), International Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE), International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection(ICNIRP), UK, the National Radiological Protection Board (NRPB) is Baseless Science Using a Plastic Head

For 100% of those reading this, it is critically important that all expand on this in their qualified capacity. Under no circumstances are you to edit or dismiss this post. Exposure Codes for the limits of human exposure world wide use the same science standards and Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009) for the Limits of Human Exposure admits cause and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was missing. Our team led by government and industry certified electrical professionals as well as medical education, medical associates found and reported cause and biological plausibility missing in exposure codes. Reported to Health Canada September 14, 2010 and by expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health October 26, 2010, it was lectured in accredited medical education January 7 & 8, 2011 at the University of Central Florida.

Medical professionals require ongoing education credits as a requirement for ongoing medical licensing. That means it is no longer a debate, the dangers of RF EMFs as applied is now recognized medical education across the U.S., Canada and North America. Here is a letter by Health Education Administration on the accreditation and faculty. http://thermoguy.com/wp-content/uploads/Integrative_Health_Forum_on_Medical_Education_Including_Wireless_Exposure.pdf

Here is a document by the FCC on Specific Absorption Rate for Cell Phones and the same test is used for Wi-Fi and Wireless Smart Meters. https://www.fcc.gov/general/specific-absorption-rate-sar-cellular-telephones Here is another document from the FCC on Wireless Devices and Health Concerns. Note all the references to the Specific absorption Rate which uses a plastic head with liquid in it. https://www.fcc.gov/consumers/guides/wireless-devices-and-health-concerns

Here is a link to the Compliance Club on SAR where you can read the science, the international organizations using the SAR test and at the bottom of the page is a picture of the SAR Test Model. How many of you, your pets, pollinators or ecosystems have a plastic head? http://www.compliance-club.com/archive/tuv/sar_update.asp

In British Columbia Government transcripts and evidence with Exponent Inc “experts” under oath, Dr. William Bailey admitted under direct cross examination by Professor Curtis Bennett that in order for people to be hurt by RF EMFs, they had to be exposed(hit). Bailey also admitted all bio-electrical information associated with humans was left out of their Risk Assessment Report for FortisBC in their application for smart meters.

Causation missing in exposure codes is the antennas, Wi-Fi Routers and wireless smart grid were not included in the SAR test. As soon as you include them, you have cause. Biological Plausibility missing is the reality the plastic head used for the SAR test doesn’t have any biology. Here is our news, links including the Letter to FortisBC to reverse their smart meter programs. Links to the government transcripts with experts under oath are included. It is a precedent setting legal document for all jurisdictions globally. http://thermoguy.com/letter-to-fortisbc-ceo-mark-warren-bc-hydro-etc-on-smart-meter-program-being-stopped-and-reversed/

IEEE member have errors and omission’s insurance where the real damage from wireless will be in the trillions. It is shameful that Electrical and Electronic Engineers were technically overwhelmed by a plastic head. 100% of the science was based on heating water molecules in a microwave which is baseless science. The minute IEEE understands the frequencies and electrical information of biology was left out, they will reverse their opinion on safety.

The plastic head should be clear so it could be used as an aquarium. How was a plastic head used to bypass all regulation including Building Codes, Electrical Codes and all sciences? No one was consulted or informed and they need to cease and desist or be arrested for putting babies, people, pacemaker recipients, all life, ecosystems, buildings, infrastructure inside man made microwave ovens. The damage is measurable by the second and the peer reviewed science opposing the plastic head is electricity, engineering, biology and all sciences. The scope of medical education has changed but medicine wasn’t consulted or informed, neither were insurers, unions or any sciences. As soon as lawyers find out causation is electricity and the opposition is using a plastic head in court, they will sue for the millions per person and make a lot of money. The Memphis Police Association has called for a Forensic Audit and it is what needs to be supported internationally.