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Symptoms of Zika Virus Can Be Seen With Non Invasive Radiology Lectured in Accredited Medical Education

It is alarming to see the extremes that are being used responding to the Zika Virus. The tradeoff by spraying pesticides is far reaching into health and ecosystems globally. ALL life good and bad on the planet has a purpose including what they call pests.

Dr. Ronald Lynch’s work specific to the toxic load in the body includes pesticides. The Body Burden Study was done by the Environmental Working Group where the Red Cross randomly picked 10 umbilical cords. The cord was thought to be a filter between the mom and the fetus. The study revealed the cord blood had banned pesticides, fossil fuel emissions, fire retardant, Mercury, plastics and 100s of the chemicals they test for.

Dr. Lynch spoke with an Oncologist on what that toxic load means to a developing baby and the quote was “children don’t have cancer at 10, they have had it for 10 years and 9 months”. Dr. Lynch lectures in medical education that mom didn’t work in an industrial environment, she drank it, ate it, breathed it or absorbed it.

The spraying that was done in Florida or elsewhere has unrealized health and environmental consequences. Would the pilots of these planes drink that pesticide or give it to their families to drink? Would politicians or the companies that make this product drink it with their families? The answer is no and the people handling the pesticides are probably wearing protection or Hazardous Material Clothing.

The pesticides will kill insects including the bees and pollinators responsible for crops. The pesticides leach into the ground and water so birds dies, fish and ecosystems are adversely affected and then the poisons circulate the globe.

Dr. Lynch’s work on the toxic load in bodies is alarming. A girl in Canada as one example had inflammatory breast cancer and she was 4 years old. Thank goodness doctors caught it and removed the breast of a 4 year old who is not of mammogram age for decades. That inflammatory response in the breast or body can be seen.

Our work was specific to investigating Lynch for years to see how he handled that in clinical environments and his investigation of us included a clinic full of people with difficult diagnosis. MRIs and Xrays were inconclusive and in 100% of the difficult diagnosis cases, our work with Dr. Lynch provided the source of inflammation as well as area of inflammatory response.

Sars Virus, H1N1, Ebola symptoms can be seen with non invasive radiology. This isn’t to be confused with the levels of thermography where they tried to see a flu symptom. The infrared community including equipment manufacturers that sell us equipment imaged 100s of millions of people at ports of entry during these outbreaks but could not produce 1 image of flu symptoms. That is because the imaging application exceeded their expertise. That required meeting with the Health Canada Director in Vancouver. I qualified why the infrared equipment manufacturers and consultants failed in providing 1 flu image in 2 major airports for a year. Then I showed an image of a flu and the physiological changes in a day where the flu symptom was gone. I explained that just because someone works for Boeing doesn’t mean they know how to fly a plane.

It is important readers of this post understand the scope of this work. Lawyers as an example get Continuing Learning Education credits or they can be suspended from practicing law. Medicine evolves and medical professionals require Continuing Medical Education credits as a requirement for ongoing medical licensing. The Integrative Health Forum and associates put on the most advanced medical education in the world because they show energy(temperature) including inflammation at the molecular level. Simply put it gives medical professionals sight of their objectives where otherwise they were blind. The Zika Virus is producing symptoms that could be seen using portable non invasive radiology during initial diagnosis. Changes in physiology, progression of infection or effective treatment CAN BE SEEN. This isn’t to compete with medicine but to complete them while saving resources. It broke my heart to see nurses with masks and laser thermometers looking for a flu symptom or Ebola.

What do all universities, colleges and education in the world have in common? Temperature is a critical consideration in all sciences except we couldn’t see it before. The Integrative Health Forum’s advanced education gives sight to every province, state and country. It is all encompassing giving critical sight to professionals, governments and industries. http://thermoguy.com/wp-content/uploads/Revised-Ltr-re-EM-and-IHF.pdf

Here are some very basic images including correcting a breast imaging report from an international group of 50 Thermography Clinics. This woman’s mother died from breast cancer, sister had a breast removed. You will see we adjusted one of their own images to produce the results.

In clinical environments, hospitals, quarantine, homes, fevers, inflammation and physiology can be seen and isolated. Progression of infection or effective treatment can be seen.

Initial Ebola Screening at Airports, Hospitals, Quarantine or Clinics is Reactive & Ridiculous

It is shameful representation of Thermal Radiation Imaging to see the screening done at airports looking for Ebola. Between 2003 for SARS and 2009 for H1N1, 100s of millions of people were imaged at ports of entry. They couldn’t produce one image of a flu because the imaging application exceeded expertise.

The Canadian Government was informed 6 weeks ago that Ebola could be seen and shared. Political party took precedence and Prime Minister Harper’s administration undermined provinces, health care workers as well as the international community desperately looking for help. Texas could have seen that infection and shared it live if required.

This level of Thermal Imaging is lectured in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Accepted medical education applicable in 50 states and Canada with expansion internationally. There is no higher standard. The Integrative Health Forum and GEDI are the only medical education program showing energy at the atomic and molecular level.

Successful imaging requires more than equipment. Imaging at ports of entry is reactive and not achieving objectives when early diagnosis is critical. Here is some very basic images including correcting a breast imaging report from an international group of 50 clinics. This woman’s mother died from breast cancer, sister had a breast removed. You will see we adjusted one of their own images to produce the results.

With injury or infection there is inflammation that can be seen. Strokes, concussions and circulation challenges can be see as well. The very basic imaging you will see includes imaging completed by an international group of 50 clinics that employ doctors. They imaged a young woman for breast cancer and produced a report saying they would use the imaging as a baseline. The patient’s mother died from Breast Cancer, sister had a breast removed and we were asked to look at the report. We disagreed with the report in its entirety, had the clinic change parameters for imaging and you can see the results. The patient was asked what was going on with the left breast and a mass was removed.

The youngest girl to lose a breast to breast cancer was 4 years old and not of mammogram age for decades. Our work with Dr. Ronald Lynch isolated breast cancer in his clinical environment and is 100% non invasive.

As Thermal Radiation Consultants at the atomic and molecular level, we employ the most advanced thermal imaging applications in the world without exception. We do not sell equipment as all equipment is different depending on the complexity of the application requirements. As government certified professionals, our job is to report to our authority. Prime Minister Harper had this info available 6 weeks ago. Airports and ports of entry would have seen an existing format to isolate flu symptoms. I had to meet with Health Canada after equipment manufacturers failed miserably attempting to image SARS in 2003.

It truly breaks my heart to watch how governments are reacting without giving sight of flu or virus to front line health professionals. Infection produces inflammation and it can be tracked live as it spreads. Texas could have seen the sick man immediately with a live visual in minutes. IR equipment is not being utilized as required and this is lectured in medical education now.

Canada has done press on the importance of early detection but the Health Minister, MP Cannan and the Prime Minister’s office did not share critical information.

The temperature images in the slide show are basic and not 1% of what is available for governments to have help. There is lots of imaging technology but applying it was the problem. Ebola will affect people differently but will produce an inflammatory response that medicine including the CDC can not see.

The reason we lecture medical education for CME credits is evolving temperature out of the calculator. Temperature is a critical component in all sciences except it isn’t seen.

Thermografix Disputes the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Public Report on SARS Screening

According to a study in 2003/04, extensive airport screening introduced during Toronto’s 2003 SARS outbreak was costly and ineffective as reported by CBC.  As one of the 10 bidders through Public Works Canada on the contracts at Vancouver and Pearson Airport for flu screening, I disputed the article.

SARS – Airport Screening