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B.C. & Saskatchewan Call For National Forest Fire Strategy But Not Considering Climate Change & Wireless Smart Grid Contributing.

CTV News Link on B.C. and Saskatchewan Premiers Call for National Forest Fire Strategy

To hear about forest fires and knowing they are fighting them blind requires me to respond in my capacity. Fires are going to get more intense and the resources fighting them blind is excessive.

Our work for governments, industries or medical education is providing sight. In this case it is sight through the smoke. Saskatchewan and others could and should be tracking the direction of the fires through the smoke. It gives lead time for fighting or evacuation.

The information we are sharing may be controversial to some including the BC Premier. BC Premier Gordon Campbell’s Office edited the public fire inquiry including images or the fact we even presented. The Premier’s Office stated to me that this Public Inquiry wasn’t accepting pictures. The inquiry was based on audio only and the audio came unplugged when I was presenting in Kelowna.

Sight through smoke was presented at the BC Public Fire Inquiry in 2003 as well as factors contributing to fire intensity. Here is a link for you that contains still images that initiated the evacuation of 15,000 on August 21, 2003. There is a time-lapsed infrared video showing a forest fire building through the smoke. http://thermoguy.com/smoke-inhibits-fighting-forest-fires/

Here is what media reported in 2003 when the forest fire interfaced with Kelowna in 2003 and the dispatches between Forestry and Kelowna Fire Department confirm they were blind because of smoke. http://thermoguy.com/shes-mighty-ugly-out-here/

Our work over 35 years saving governments, industries and insurers 100s of billions of dollars is specific to getting the job done. We simply provide sight of their objectives for applicable industry professionals.

Wireless smart meters have further complicated forest fire concerns. The Specific Absorption Rate test left out the smart grid which is required for wireless smart meters to work. FortisBC under direct cross examination by me admitted their grid will cover 17,000 sq. kms. The high speed EMFs will kill trees and create a 17,000 sq. km heat sink warming the atmosphere. Smart Meters are ideally supposed to catch energy waste but that isn’t happening at all. It was reported to the Prime Minister that buildings(including Saskatchewan) are grossly exceeding Building Code 1.1.3. (Climatic Data). Building Code warns of solar EMF exposure and significance, we just couldn’t see it before. Buildings are signed off as compliant with Building Codes. These images of energy are transcripts and evidence of the BC Government’s BC Utilities Commission. These are the energy concerns utilities and governments want to address. In the latter pages you can see building development hitting 92 deg. C when 100 is boiling. http://www.bcuc.com/Documents/Proceedings/2012/DOC_32604_C19-6_WKCC-Submission-RDCK-Nelson-Creston_Suspension.pdf

New building development in Saskatchewan and across Canada requires that absorbent finishes and colors are not used. In order to comply with Building Code, the right finishes need to be used so the building reflects or is protected from solar EMFs. Older buildings can be addressed and it is a big economy providing tax paying jobs.

Prime Minister Harper working on a national strategy based on a political agenda will not get the job done. Policy is based on science not the other way around. Harper was informed that buildings across Canada are grossly exceeding design temperatures and billions of watts per hour is wasted reacting to symptoms of solar EMFs interacting with building exteriors.

Smoke Inhibits Fighting Forest Fires

A lightning strike started a forest fire that immediately created problems for fire fighters. Terrain and smoke inhibited the ability to fight the fires.

How are fire behavior specialists going to analyze a fire they can not see? One of the very basic applications in training fire departments 25 years ago is to allow those professionals to see through smoke. Resources can be maximized, investigations have sight through smoke, rekindles can be seen, lives saved, damage minimized, forests saved and less damage environmentally which includes all life.

Provincial Forestry Department and Fire Departments reporting smoke prohibiting fire fighting. As the Category 5 forest fire was approaching housing development awaiting evacuation, here is what was seen through smoke as the fire moved 300 feet per minute.

Forest Fire Interfaces with Kelowna

The video directly below shows thermal radiation images from initial lightning strike to interface with the city.

The above information was edited from a public fire inquiry because it embarrassed the ruling government. The Premier’s Office told us directly that this public inquiry was based on audio and wasn’t accepting pictures or images. Due to the fact they lost the audio feed during our presentation for the public inquiry, the decision was made to delete our contribution as well as the presentation.

The unfortunate result is being felt today with forest fires out of control and resources effectively blind when they could track the direction of the fire through the smoke giving immediate sight to first response.

For those under evacuation orders, be prepared to follow instruction. Here is a time-lapsed thermal radiation video showing a forest fire building through the smoke. Look at the embers flying miles in front of the fire starting other fires.