Texas CPS Energy Admits Overcharging Customers With Smart Meters


I was on the Texas PUC’s Expert Panel and provided written evidence for the Texas Senate Committee at their request. It was specific to the dangers of the installations of the meters under load by unqualified people, the arcing, surges, loose and corroded connections continuing to arc and surge. http://thermoguy.com/wp-content/uploads/Texas_Senate_Committee_Meeting_on_Smart_Meters.pdf

Texas electricity uses 60 Hz EMFs for the insulated known copper or aluminum conductors, RF EMFs are an uninsulated wireless circuit with everything hit by the RF EMFs as part of the conductor. People in Canada have complained about their bills and part of it might be because of the dirty circuit with buildings, infrastructure, people, ecosystems, trees, etc are poor conductors. A resistance in the circuit shows up as a load(watts).

The Specific Absorption Rate Test used for limits of human exposure is a plastic head with water in it, The test didn’t include the required routers, collectors and grid. The RF EMFs hitting you triggers nerves and induces currents into you that is measured as a power density(watts).

The saddest part of this is the analog meter was about consumption. If you left a 100 watt light bulb on for 10 hours it equals a kilowatt which is what you pay for. The fact CPS engineers can’t substantiate the billing speaks for itself. The meters are garbage and will not save a watt of energy. Here is a response to FortisBC in Canada supporting the suspension of their smart meter program. It is evidence and transcripts of the BC Government with FortisBC experts under oath. As a Registered Intervener opposing the smart meters, FortisBC lawyers used Texas’s smart meter program as a confirmation of success.

Here is our response to FortisBC’s continual denial of their smart meters being safe and it includes cross examining their experts where they admit they will radiate 17,000 sq. kms or 6564 sq. miles. It shows the meter base connections which are the weakest point on the electrical circuit as well as how the RF EMFs are damaging your buildings while inducing currents into you that cause cancers and more.

One last link for Texans is the Auditor General needs to see the reporting of other Auditor Generals. Australia’s Auditor General reports 2 billion dollars spent and no energy savings.

Building Code warn of solar radiation(EMFs) causing buildings to exceed design temperature. The BC Government under Christy Clark speaks of global warming or climate change contributing to the extra 100s of millions of dollars fighting forest fires. California has droughts costing billions already and forest fires are out of control while they are fought blind. Weather severity across the world and the Pope speaking to the US and UN about climate change. The UN Members have committed over half a trillion dollars to address climate change but the whole world is blind to temperature. Here is an accurate non invasive thermal radiation image of building development using the most advanced imaging applications in the world. This is lectured in accredited education.

Keep it simple, in order for there to be man made atmospheric warming, there needs to be a source of heat. The image was taken on an 85 deg. F day. Is there something warmer than 85 deg F? Some of the development is over 100 deg. F warmer than that and 212 deg. F is boiling temperature. Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor. Heat the one atmosphere the world shares and it changes weather globally. We imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states where this was happening in 100% of them including California. This development is in British Columbia where Premier Christy Clark lives. FortisBC is the energy provider and they have mass installed smart meters to stop what you see. The meters will not address one watt of energy or the heat and the reality is FortisBC is wasting 1 million watts per hour as well as associated natural resources responding to symptoms. 100% of this can be addressed, fixed and remove the million watts per hour off the grid immediately. These buildings are not compliant with Building Code Rule 1.1.3.(climatic & Seismic Data) They need to be brought back into compliance or they can NOT be bought or sold. These home owners of the 500 or 600,000 dollar buildings were not informed by the City of Kelowna, BC Government or Canadian Government.

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