Vaping is MAINLINING Nicotine

Mainlining is getting drugs into your bloodstream.

There is another reported death of a young person that just started vaping. If this young person smoked tobacco, they would be coughing immediately. Vaping allows people to inhale this big cloud of nicotine into their lungs and it can be verified by that big cloud being exhaled. The fact that is allowed to be done with any chemical reflects the ignorance and elected representatives not doing their jobs. These young people are effectively mainlining nicotine or chemicals that should never be inside a body.

Medical and toxicology professionals can explain what the chemicals do to the body. They are not incorporating EMFs exposure with wireless technology compromising the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time. The greater the exposure and absorption of this electromagnetic energy, the greater the compromises.

Vaping should be banned immediately, for their life.