Very Important Radio Interview in Memphis With Retired RN Donna Bohannon Interviewing Professor Curtis Bennett on RF EMF Assault and the Plastic Head the FCC, Utilities, IEEE, ICNIRP, Health Canada and Governing Bodies are Using to Bypass ALL Regulation

FRIDAY 5 PM (CST) Show LIBERTY in ACTION (April 30, 2016)
Host: Donna Bohannon
GUESTS: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( reveals more about USA corporation Exponent, Inc. that tests a PLASTIC HEAD to claim that cell phone RF doesn’t impact the body! Jimmie Franklin also joins in the discussion of RF and smart meters.
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The interview will be archived and Donna’s other guest is a teacher. Here is a link to the absolutely baseless science being used that has allowed populations and ecosystems inside a man made microwave oven. Ask your health professional if they have ever done surgery or diagnosed a plastic head. It is disgraceful that International Electrical and Electronic Engineers were technically overwhelmed by a plastic head when they know frequency interactions can be extremely dangerous. The human body and all biology frequencies as well as electrical information was left out of the plastic head test called Specific Absorption Rate.