Watersheds are associated with the circulation of the world and are critical to sustaining all life. Human interaction with the watershed has to be done with as small an impact as possible, our survival as a species depend on it.

Groundwater or ground water is water from under the ground coming to the surface. Salmon will lay eggs in the cooler groundwater and watershed management want to develop natural fish habitat as well as protect it. Environmental groups, wildlife management, governments all have mandates to preserve and protect groundwater sources, they just couldn’t see it.

Our environmental mandate is to give biologists, hydrologists, forest management, governments, first nations and education the ability to see the location of groundwater. As temperature specialists, we are only one part of the team, these temperature issues are their area of expertise. Being able to see and GPS groundwater will allow these professionals sight of their professional objectives. Water management will be able to make more informed decisions on remedial work, verifying that work and protecting groundwater.

The results of the groundwater imaging application will exceed expectations and images will be placed here in the near future bringing the invisible to light.

We will look forward to discussing your groundwater concerns. Time of the year is critical because of the temperature considerations to ensure a successful application.

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