Wi-Fi Can’t Be Ruled Out Causing Mystery Illness Affecting Staff, Students & Parents At Arlington Independent School District In Texas

This link was sent to us asking for an opinion on the mystery illnesses in their schools. Look at the news reporting including testing for problems, a reported 60 teachers and staff, plus students and parents impacted. They report teacher’s passing out and one teacher resigned with more wanting transfers.

The first question for the school was whether they had Wi-Fi and the answer was yes. Regardless of other tests done, Wi-Fi RF EMFs are fast-moving, highly penetrating electromagnetic fields. They are going through bodies as well as buildings inducing electrical currents. The EMFs are compromising the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time while changing frequencies as well as increasing voltages in the body.

Other applicable professionals need to expand on this for what it means in their area of expertise, our job was substantiating the electrical mechanisms with an EMF. RF EMFs require an electrical interpretation first, the frequency is the speed of the Electromagnetic Field(EMF)


Here is my email to the reporter yesterday:

Hello Charlotte(Huffman):

 Thanks for your reporting on the Mystery School Illness. It isn’t a popular job but an important one to represent the best interests of all. I am not contacting you with an agenda except to help isolate the problem.

I was sent the link to your reporting by an elected official in Washington State. That official had heard me doing an interview on the real dangers of wireless smart meters and WiFi. Politicians in their own areas were being dismissive of WiFi causing harm when it is extremely dangerous as applied. While they call WiFi wireless communication, they aren’t representing that WiFi is fast-moving, highly penetrating electromagnetic fields used for communication.

One of my jobs as a professor is lecturing magnetic fields and the dangers of EMFsin accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. I was on the Texas PUC’s Expert Panel on Smart Meters which used 2 frequencies in the meter. I provided written evidence for the Texas Senate Committee related to the same. I was a Registered Intervener in a utility application for smart meters and those meters had a WiFi antenna as well. I led our team finding the causal link between the RF EMFs as applied and reported through Health Canada before providing expert witness for Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health.

I also had to substantiate the harm before it was accepted for lecture for CMEcredits. You may have heard some of the controversy on wireless as applied but there is no controversy. WiFi frequencies are fast-moving EMFs that are going through bodies from head to toe. Exposure codes admit they trigger nerves and the reason people are NOT supposed to be hit by the EMFs. The EMFs are inducing electrical currents into bodies and causing symptoms across the board. During the cross-examination of an electrical engineer he admitted the WiFi frequency in their meter was 2.45 GHz. That means the EMFs will expand and collapse in the body including the brain 4.9 billion times per measurable second. Here is our news and includes the letter written for the elected official. It is important you see the science used to say the RF EMFs are not hurting teachers or students. It is a plastic head with water in it and I would bet a dollar none of the teachers, students and parents have a plastic head.



As a technical troubleshooting teams for governments, industry, insurers and including difficult diagnosis, WiFi can NOT be ruled out. This technology was never tested or went through any regulatory process. That was part of our 10,000 plus hour investigation.

I can’t qualify the years of work in an email but it can not be left out. I will add that it has been embarrassing to watch political and self interests try to protect themselves when this is really an assault with an extremely dangerous weapon as applied. It does compromise the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time with zero margin of error.

 My heart goes out to the people of the community and officials trying to deal with something including a technology they were told was safe. I look forward to any questions including challenges. The SAR test for WiFi left out the routers bathing the classrooms in EMFs and they don’t believe there are health effects because the plastic head has no biology.



Professor Curtis Bennett

Chief, IHF Science Advisory Board(14,000 members)
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 37 Years
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Engineering Technologist