Wireless Communications, Wi-Fi, Smart Meters Will Cause Accelerated Corrosion of Art Collections

New York Times Article on 170.4 Million Dollar Art Sale

Governments, utilities and industries moving forward with wireless communication when exposure codes admitted to missing critical science is going to come back to haunt them. Wireless communications requires electromagnetic radiation for the electromagnetic induction required for the RF EMF. That blanket radiation to create the uninsulated electrical circuit for communications is fast moving and highly penetrating EMFs. Under direct cross examination by me in the FortisBC application for wireless smart meters, Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov of Exponent Inc confirmed high speed oscillations of 1.8 billion times per second and 4.9 billion times per second with the 2 antennas in the meter.

The owner of this painting and other artwork will have to build an MRI Chamber for their art. If they have WiFi in their home at 2.45 GHz, it will vibrate the painting at atomic and molecular levels 4.9 billion times per second. Frequencies oscillate positive and negative. Look at a battery with a + and – on it. Flip it end for end 4.9 billion times per second and the bottom line is accelerated corrosion of the art.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission just had hearings as Ontario Power Generation wants a 13 year license at Darlington Nuclear Power Plant. Sad that Ontario Power Generation mass installed 4.8 million smart meters in Ontario to save energy. The smart grid will cause accelerated corrosion of the Nuclear Power Plant so imagine a nuclear failure within borders.

This isn’t a singular opinion, Engineers were nor informed or consulted that their designs that they are insured for has changed. Across Canada, it relates to all buildings being non compliant with Building Code Rule There is no margin of error and the higher the power densities, the more aggressive the oscillations will be. Insurers were not consulted or informed either about the real losses and liability.

This was reported to and through levels of Government including Prime Minister Harper’s administration but Mr Harper ignored Canadian Government Professionals reporting this. Making it worse is our new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his administration hasn’t been informed either but he will attend climate change talks in Paris missing critically important science the UN Members are looking for. The sadder reality is the missing science would create millions real tax paying jobs and remove trillions of watts off the grid immediately which reduces emissions immediately. This link includes legally precedent setting transcripts and evidence of the BC Government showing smart meters are illegal as well as extremely dangerous as applied.