Worcestermag – NOT SO SMART GRID, EH?


There have been a number of critics of National Grid’s Smart Energy Solutions, or so-called Smart Grid, program. Many of them have come from outside Worcester, in some cases from outside the country. They insist that the installation of Smart Meters, which are part of NGrid’s Smart Pilot program in the city, are much more harmful than the public is being told. Among those critics is Curtis Bennett, chief science officer and inter-provincial journeyman electrician (Red Seal). He hails from Canada and reached out to Worcester Magazine to let us know that while utilities have the right to work on meters, “they cannot blanket areas with electromagnetic radiation with wireless frequencies to communicate with meters.” Bennett goes so far as to say that those subjected to this radiation are being “electrocuted.” NGrid is in the process of applying for a zoning variance to build a communications tower in the Tatnuck Square area. There have been numerous requests for delays, including the latest to reschedule a Feb. 3 meeting for March. In the meantime, city councilors have weighed in on a report delivered by Dr. Michael Hirsh, acting health commissioner. The report was roundly criticized by opponents of Smart Grid, as relying on faulty information, drawing several councilors to Hirsh’s defense.