Agricultural Stimulator

The benefits of using natural soil stimulants with zero toxicity can’t be overstated. That has been accomplished and produced bigger produce, more yield, bigger grains, repels bugs and so much more. Think of delivering 370% more absorption of nutrition to plants and agriculture. Chasing bugs away without killing anything, or toxins leaching into groundwater.

Here is our first blog with pictures and links. There is much more coming very soon. NATURAL SOIL STIMULANT PRODUCES LARGER TOMATOES, GRAINS, REPELS BUGS & 100% NON TOXIC 

This is link to a 4 page file for viewing showing the effects of foliage spraying and putting on soil. A very serious consideration for different parts of the world is weather, growing medium, containers, solar exposure, mixing the product, ratio of mixture, acclimating the product prior to use, etc. Original testing attempted by some killed all of the plants. FOLIAGE SPRAY AND SOIL FED IMAGES

More information now in development …