Coronavirus Interaction Can Be Seen Using Non Invasive Radiology Giving Countries & Medicine Sight. Methods Used Presently are Reactive, & Not Achieving Objectives With Unrealized Costs Globally.

This post will be expanded on, it is just to initiate important dialog specific to the Coronavirus. What do all countries and education of the world have in common when it comes to temperature considerations? They are all blind to temperature.

It is hard to believe that all sciences are effectively blind to temperature when temperature is a critical consideration for all sciences. Global warming causing climate change as one example means there has to be a source of atmospheric heat. GHG emissions were tagged as the source because the cause of atmospheric heat wasn’t seen or identified. The UN has committed close to a billion dollars to address global warming and all nations are blind to their objectives.

Building Code in Canada as one example includes Climatic Data 1.1.3. provided by Environment Canada. That temperature data is the specific temperature extremes in each region. There is a reference to the Appendix where there is a warning about solar radiation, the same sun that burns our skin.

Buildings are designed and insulated for their environmental load. The amount of energy used and associated emissions are depending on the building functioning as designed. Banks, lenders, insurers, owners as well as all levels of governing are relying on code compliance or you wouldn’t get a mortgage and governing would lose the tax base.

Do you know why buildings are white washed or shaded by trees? White washed buildings reflect solar radiation where dark absorbent exterior finishes absorb solar radiation. That interaction generates extreme heat that will grossly exceed Building Code.

Europe and other areas white wash buildings to reflect solar radiation versus absorbent exterior finishes without shade generating extreme heat atmospherically. Here are time-lapsed infrared videos from outside the building to see if there is a solar gain and the second one from inside showing heat transfer inside the building through the wood frame. This is not an animation or graphic, it is accurate temperature.

Here is another time-lapsed IR video specific to shade effect. Trees and ground cover have a purpose.

Groundwater is considered to be nature’s hidden treasure because it wasn’t seen. There are thermal barriers affecting fish spawning that are sub optimal or lethal for fish spawning. Here are very basic examples, our work was used as the standard in RFP due to no other consulting being able to complete the work.

Nature’s Hidden Treasure Can Now Be Seen

Horrific to think of California, British Columbia, Alberta, etc fighting their forest fires blind because of smoke. The dangers, the loss of life, environmental damage, loss of wildlife, buildings, smoke killing people globally, etc. Australia reporting the loss of over 500 million animals, men flying the tankers killed because they couldn’t see through the smoke, etc. Our team sat on our hands due to an edited public fire inquiry in BC Canada because a political party took precedence over the people they were elected to represent. August 21, 2003, a forest fire interfaced with Kelowna, BC.

Jurisdictional problems and communications kept us from assisting, even though we had trained fire departments starting in 1991. Citizens in Kettle Valley of all ages staring into the smoke waiting for an evacuation order. We ended up flagging down patrolling RCMP and showing them the fire was there. That initiated the evacuation of 15,000. Here is an example of what we saw.

To clarify the difference between this level of IR versus others is when a reporter asked if they could use the images taken on August 22, 2003. It confirms BC Forestry, Fire Departments, etc were blind through the smoke.

The edited public fire inquiry by Premier Campbell denied California, Fort Mac, BC, Australia, etc advances in fire fighting.

The next video is very basic imaging in 2003 during the interface fire. It gives an idea of what was edited from the public fire inquiry and what California as well as others were denied. To date, fires globally are fought blind.

Our work is not to be compared with the generic IR imaging today. We pioneered the use of portable infrared in 1979 and developed imaging applications to give sight to many different industries blind to objectives. Isolating electrical, mechanical, refractory and other problems before failure, explosions, loss of life, etc. Oil, gas, refinery, chemical, agriculture, lumber, utilities, fire, pipeline, insurers, municipalities, education, medicine, etc are just to name a few.

With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response that couldn’t be seen before. It took years of application development and challenges before we were asked to submit a lecture for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It took more years before consulting in clinical environments.

It is critically important all countries understand that successful imaging using non invasive radiology requires proper equipment, tech support, an existing imaging application and the required expertise. As the only bidder on imaging Sars at ports of entry in 2003, we were the only bidder with all the tools to be successful. Public Works Canada tried to save money by asking companies to offer services for future contracts. The same company that sold us equipment and an industry leader jumped in even though we warned them they would fail. They failed miserably and couldn’t produce 1 image of a flu. FLIR’s president in Canada told us they tried and FLIR VP Tom Scanlon didn’t accomplish anything except sell technology while they set their own industry back years. Here is media in 2004 by CBC titled Sars Airport Screening Ineffective

Through the Sars Virus, H1N1, Ebola and Zika Virus, the IR community imaged 100s of millions of people at ports of entry and did not produce 1 image of a flu symptom. The imaging applications exceeded their expertise. I met with Health Canada to explain and show them how the imaging was misrepresented.

Although you will see VERY basic images in this link, this is not what we would use in a reporting format. You will see a flu and physiological changes the next day.

With Injury or Infection There is an Inflammatory Response, Here is an Example of What Happens When It Can’t Be Seen

Here is what progression of infection looks like in the infrared spectrum.


When it comes to EMF exposure from smart meters or wireless exposure, global radiation agencies and exposure guidelines for microwave radiation admit critical science is missing. What they refer to as non thermal effects are not understood. When it comes to temperature, there is no such thing as non thermal. The scientific reality is temperature starts at Absolute Zero(-496 deg F or -273 deg C) Thermal Radiation is the natural frequencies and vibration of ALL matter above Absolute Zero. Thermography is a very generic word referencing graphing temperature, IR explained properly is non invasive radiology. Our imaging applications are the most advanced in the world without exception and lectured at the highest accredited level

Here is a link to international health education admin where medical professionals, agencies and countries can contact them to give them sight of their objectives.

The last video for this post is an interview specific to the Coronavirus.