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Social Distance Rules are Reactive & Not Reflecting the Distance of a Cough or Sneeze

It is important for those reading this post to understand the significance. Medical professionals require ongoing education credits for licensing, part of our work includes lecturing accredited medical education. There is no higher standard. Continuing Medical Education

In regards to the coronavirus itself, our accredited medical education team has never stopped working and will release media soon on how the virus interaction can be seen using non invasive radiology. Progression of infection or effective treatment can be seen.

In my area they have circles and lines every 6 feet for social distancing, the sneeze or cough is traveling 4 times that distance. Directly below is a video by Inside Edition.

It is important to note wireless EMF exposure compromises the nervous, hormonal and immune system at the same time. Global exposure guidelines for wireless exposure admit they are inducing electrical current in to you but just a little. The problem is inducing any electrical current can kill you and inducing current means you are increasing cellular voltages. That is separate of the frequency changes inside brains or bodies with exposure.

Coronavirus Interaction Can Be Seen Using Non Invasive Radiology Giving Countries & Medicine Sight. Methods Used Presently are Reactive, & Not Achieving Objectives With Unrealized Costs Globally.

This post will be expanded on, it is just to initiate important dialog specific to the Coronavirus. What do all countries and education of the world have in common when it comes to temperature considerations? They are all blind to temperature.

It is hard to believe that all sciences are effectively blind to temperature when temperature is a critical consideration for all sciences. Global warming causing climate change as one example means there has to be a source of atmospheric heat. GHG emissions were tagged as the source because the cause of atmospheric heat wasn’t seen or identified. The UN has committed close to a billion dollars to address global warming and all nations are blind to their objectives.

Building Code in Canada as one example includes Climatic Data 1.1.3. provided by Environment Canada. That temperature data is the specific temperature extremes in each region. There is a reference to the Appendix where there is a warning about solar radiation, the same sun that burns our skin.

Buildings are designed and insulated for their environmental load. The amount of energy used and associated emissions are depending on the building functioning as designed. Banks, lenders, insurers, owners as well as all levels of governing are relying on code compliance or you wouldn’t get a mortgage and governing would lose the tax base.

Do you know why buildings are white washed or shaded by trees? White washed buildings reflect solar radiation where dark absorbent exterior finishes absorb solar radiation. That interaction generates extreme heat that will grossly exceed Building Code.

Europe and other areas white wash buildings to reflect solar radiation versus absorbent exterior finishes without shade generating extreme heat atmospherically. Here are time-lapsed infrared videos from outside the building to see if there is a solar gain and the second one from inside showing heat transfer inside the building through the wood frame. This is not an animation or graphic, it is accurate temperature.

Here is another time-lapsed IR video specific to shade effect. Trees and ground cover have a purpose.

Groundwater is considered to be nature’s hidden treasure because it wasn’t seen. There are thermal barriers affecting fish spawning that are sub optimal or lethal for fish spawning. Here are very basic examples, our work was used as the standard in RFP due to no other consulting being able to complete the work.

Nature’s Hidden Treasure Can Now Be Seen

Horrific to think of California, British Columbia, Alberta, etc fighting their forest fires blind because of smoke. The dangers, the loss of life, environmental damage, loss of wildlife, buildings, smoke killing people globally, etc. Australia reporting the loss of over 500 million animals, men flying the tankers killed because they couldn’t see through the smoke, etc. Our team sat on our hands due to an edited public fire inquiry in BC Canada because a political party took precedence over the people they were elected to represent. August 21, 2003, a forest fire interfaced with Kelowna, BC.

Jurisdictional problems and communications kept us from assisting, even though we had trained fire departments starting in 1991. Citizens in Kettle Valley of all ages staring into the smoke waiting for an evacuation order. We ended up flagging down patrolling RCMP and showing them the fire was there. That initiated the evacuation of 15,000. Here is an example of what we saw.

To clarify the difference between this level of IR versus others is when a reporter asked if they could use the images taken on August 22, 2003. It confirms BC Forestry, Fire Departments, etc were blind through the smoke.

The edited public fire inquiry by Premier Campbell denied California, Fort Mac, BC, Australia, etc advances in fire fighting.

The next video is very basic imaging in 2003 during the interface fire. It gives an idea of what was edited from the public fire inquiry and what California as well as others were denied. To date, fires globally are fought blind.

Our work is not to be compared with the generic IR imaging today. We pioneered the use of portable infrared in 1979 and developed imaging applications to give sight to many different industries blind to objectives. Isolating electrical, mechanical, refractory and other problems before failure, explosions, loss of life, etc. Oil, gas, refinery, chemical, agriculture, lumber, utilities, fire, pipeline, insurers, municipalities, education, medicine, etc are just to name a few.

With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response that couldn’t be seen before. It took years of application development and challenges before we were asked to submit a lecture for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. It took more years before consulting in clinical environments.

It is critically important all countries understand that successful imaging using non invasive radiology requires proper equipment, tech support, an existing imaging application and the required expertise. As the only bidder on imaging Sars at ports of entry in 2003, we were the only bidder with all the tools to be successful. Public Works Canada tried to save money by asking companies to offer services for future contracts. The same company that sold us equipment and an industry leader jumped in even though we warned them they would fail. They failed miserably and couldn’t produce 1 image of a flu. FLIR’s president in Canada told us they tried and FLIR VP Tom Scanlon didn’t accomplish anything except sell technology while they set their own industry back years. Here is media in 2004 by CBC titled Sars Airport Screening Ineffective

Through the Sars Virus, H1N1, Ebola and Zika Virus, the IR community imaged 100s of millions of people at ports of entry and did not produce 1 image of a flu symptom. The imaging applications exceeded their expertise. I met with Health Canada to explain and show them how the imaging was misrepresented.

Although you will see VERY basic images in this link, this is not what we would use in a reporting format. You will see a flu and physiological changes the next day.

With Injury or Infection There is an Inflammatory Response, Here is an Example of What Happens When It Can’t Be Seen

Here is what progression of infection looks like in the infrared spectrum.


When it comes to EMF exposure from smart meters or wireless exposure, global radiation agencies and exposure guidelines for microwave radiation admit critical science is missing. What they refer to as non thermal effects are not understood. When it comes to temperature, there is no such thing as non thermal. The scientific reality is temperature starts at Absolute Zero(-496 deg F or -273 deg C) Thermal Radiation is the natural frequencies and vibration of ALL matter above Absolute Zero. Thermography is a very generic word referencing graphing temperature, IR explained properly is non invasive radiology. Our imaging applications are the most advanced in the world without exception and lectured at the highest accredited level

Here is a link to international health education admin where medical professionals, agencies and countries can contact them to give them sight of their objectives.

The last video for this post is an interview specific to the Coronavirus.

Ex Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Admin Allows Mass Installation of Wireless Smart Meters, Wi-Fi While Health Canada Revises Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009) Okanagan MP Stephen Fuhr, Smart Meters and Prime Minister Trudeau Failure to Share Advanced Climate Change Science Denied G-7 Partners MILLIONS of immediate tax paying jobs

Re: Okanagan MP Stephen Fuhr and Prime Minister Trudeau Failure to Share Advanced Climate Change Science Denied G-7 Partners MILLIONS of immediate tax paying jobs.

MP Stephen Fuhr,

When you started your first term 4 years ago, I contacted you specific to the millions of immediate tax paying jobs that would be created globally addressing real cause of man made global warming. The UN Climate Change Conference was happening and it was critically important Canada take forward missing science on global warming the whole world was looking for. The UN Members committed over half a trillion dollars to address man made global warming. It is specifically Canadian energy professionals that found missing cause of man made global warming causing climate change making Canada the source of what the UN was looking for.

That can be qualified with my quadruple science background that includes radiation, electrical energy provision, emissions, building engineering, construction from contracts to completion and international accredited medical education. I was looking forward to dealing with an MP that understood chain of command and reporting to and through that authority. That is what our job involves, reporting through different government jurisdictions. We represent the banks, economy, sustainability, the tax base as well as all codes and standards. Science doesn’t allow for a personal opinion and sciences can not be politicized.  You should be able to understand we do not have codes and standards to accommodate different political parties or their agendas. I would bet a dollar you didn’t have different squadrons in the air force to accommodate Progressive Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green Party or Independent pilots. The Deputy Prime Minister of Canada spoke at one of my post secondary graduations reminding us as technical and engineering professionals to do our job. That job includes reporting to and through different levels of government for due process to get done.  

Former MP Ron Cannan used to sell my companies advertising before his political career but he didn’t do his job as our elected official. Towing the party line with former PM Stephen Harper may have seemed like a good idea politically, unfortunately they undermined the jurisdictions and country they were elected to represent. 

What does every country in the world have in common when it comes to temperature? They are all literally blind to temperature, we measure or calculate important temperature criteria. While weather stations provide critically important information, they do not reflect what mankind’s interaction on the planet has created. The natural resource and energy waste reacting to symptoms produce MASSIVE GHG emissions while the real cause of man made global warming is super heating the atmosphere all countries share. That super heating of the atmosphere has continued throughout your first term and has been further compromised by solutions that have been implemented. That has created an unprecedented global emergency impacting every country without exception. Once heat is generated atmospherically, it can not be destroyed and literally everything on the planet is temperature sensitive. Here is the to the email sent to you dated November 12, 2015 at 2:02 PM and no response to date. Follow all links

I contacted your office this year looking for an appointment to meet with you and haven’t received an acknowledgement or reply of any kind.  I don’t know what got lost in translation in my attempts to communicate with my Member of Parliament, the reason you ran for office was to represent the Okanagan.  Had PM Trudeau shared this with the G-7 Summit(2019), every country would have been allowed the same job creation of jobs in the millions but also reduced GHG emissions without touching power generating stations. President Trump equates emission reduction to economic loss instead of the sustainable trillion dollar gain globally that can be qualified. Millions of tax paying jobs are available immediately to the United States with Canada benefiting in many ways. 

PM Trudeau has stated it was his duty and job to protect those 9000 jobs at SNC Lavalin in Quebec. Millions of immediate jobs globally and associated economy of 100s of billions of dollars is Trudeau’s duty as well and his administration collectively failed. PM Trudeau’s response has been a tax when it is his administration specifically that denied the provinces science advancements where emissions could be reduced immediately without touching power generating stations.  Provinces and countries could have exceeded GHG emission expectations removing unrealized electrical load off electrical grids immediately. 

All new and existing buildings must comply with Building Code or there would be no sales, mortgage, insurance, associated economy and loss of tax base funding government as well as services. Buildings are an engineered product with design functions and not a hobby or economy for unqualified people. Climatic Data is provided through codes so we build within seasonal regional temperature extremes and do not waste energy or impose on the atmosphere. Your background as a pilot implies you have a technical background and I shouldn’t have to wait 4 years to hear from my MP on an issue related to the UN Climate Change Conference when I am one of the governments and Industry Canada’s credentialed experts. I want to clarify my electrical credential alone is recognized across Canada. Provinces and the Government of Canada trained as well as certified one profession for the utilization of ALL electricity in Canada. That is credentialed electricians making us the utilities and Public Utilities Commission’s(PUC) recognized professionals. Electrical Engineers design electrical systems and electricians construct as well as maintain to those engineered standards. Electrical energy demand and usage are specific to emissions. 

My basic background includes moving to the Okanagan in 1992 during tough economic times across British Columbia. I built an award winning company from the ground up and the results were millions of dollars into the economy with 100s of jobs created in BC. That is separate of other work isolating cause of man made global warming or advancing accredited medical education globally. In 2005, Mayor Water Gray and City of Kelowna had an invitation only local experts to attend the Sustainable Building Pilot Project. Curtis Bennett was an invited local expert I was referred by council member Sharon Shepherd due to my presentation for the Filmon Fire Inquiry which included showing buildings exceeding BC Building Code contributing to the severity of forest fires. August 21, 2003 I led our team and initiated the evacuation of 15,000 in Kettle Valley when the forest fire interfaced with Kelowna. Jurisdictional conflicts prohibited our team from giving BC Forestry, fire departments and military unobstructed sight through smoke. Unfortunately that embarrassed Premier Gordon Campbell’s office and my presentation for the public fire Inquiry was edited out of the inquiry. Premier Campbell’s Office specifically told me this public inquiry was not accepting images, it was based on audio only and the audio came unplugged when I was presenting for the inquiry. August 22, 2003 Premier Campbell and entourage were doing media with CTV on Gyro Beach. We were imaging the fire through the smoke as buildings burned in Kettle Valley. Premier Campbell and entourage including Rich Coleman came over the see the buildings burning through the smoke while fire crews were blind. Local reporter Marshall Jones asked if he could use time stamped images taken that day and here is his reporting confirming forest fires were being fought blind. are very basic images taken August 21, 2003.

Here is a link to the Strait’s article on the edited inquiry.

The sad reality is Fort Mac, Slave Lake, California, BC, etc all fought forest fires blind when tracking fires through the smoke giving lead time is simple using non invasive radiology. None of the people in California had to die in those fires or the mud slides afterward. The forests are the lungs of the planet and smoke kills millions every year. Last year BC was reporting over a million hectares burned as they fought their fires blind through the smoke when thermal gradients can be tracked through smoke very easily. 

As a Canadian and a patriot, do we bring job creation to Canada through Russia, China or other countries where they are the primary benefactors? 100s of billions of watts per hour could be knocked off their electrical grids immediately without touching the power generation stations. It was reported to be a global consensus by scientists that a 2 deg. C rise in atmospheric temperature would be globally catastrophic. Planet Earth shares one atmosphere and hot energy always transfers to cold. A man made source of atmospheric heat has to be warmer than 2 deg. C. Climatic Data in Building Code shows the regional temperature extremes seasonally and warns of the significance of solar radiation.(same sun that burns skin) That is why buildings are whitewashed on the exterior of buildings or shaded. White washed buildings reflect solar radiation, dark or absorbent exterior finishes with no shade allows solar EMFs to interact with the exterior causing excitation super heating the atmosphere. Here are 2 time-lapsed infrared videos showing solar EMFs interacting with buildings right after sunrise as well as a video from inside the building. Do you see temperature increases greater than 2 deg. C?

With injury or infection there is an inflammatory response 100% of the time. Medical professionals were and are typically blind to that inflammation which includes isolating the source of the injury. Brain injuries or concussions as an example is reported to cost sport’s teams billions of dollars separate of the costs to the athletes or their families. That can now be seen using non invasive radiology. This information was sent to you previously as well as the Health Minister. It got lost in translation with the assumption we were trying to get a device tested by Health Canada. Infrared is on the electromagnetic spectrum and you used it as a pilot. There are ZERO emissions, IR is seeing heat emitted from different materials.

This is one example showing progression of infection using non invasive radiology.


Here is a direct result of MP Fuhr and PM Trudeau’s administration not doing their job at the beginning of their first term in office. The imaging above took minutes, the cost to the family, girl and hospital didn’t have to happen.

Ex PM Harper undermined Trudeau’s administration more than is understood and it requires immediate attention. Harper’s administration allowed the mass installation of wireless technologies without understanding the ramifications or the missing science. Here is a picture of the entire science used by the wireless industry to substantiate safety and to bypass all codes, standards and jurisdictions. Whether cell phones, Wi-Fi in schools or smart meters, this is the entire science on safety while Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009) admitted missing critical science.


It was our team that reported the errors and omissions in Safety Code 6 through all levels of government jurisdictions September 14, 2010. October 28, 2010 I provided expert witness at the request of Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health at their request.  The report of Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health told Health Canada to thoroughly investigate specific to my credentials.

January, 2011 the causal evidence linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was lectured for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. That medical education was applicable to ALL health professionals in the United States and Canada for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. That means this is no longer a debate.

Here is a letter from health education administration associated with accredited medical education where medical professionals require ongoing education credits for medical licensing. Medical education has advanced across Canada giving medical professionals sight of their objectives. It is critically important to contact health education admin.

With regard to wireless smart meters, I was a registered intervener in FortisBC’s application for smart meters. BC Hydro used the Clean Energy Act to bypass the BC Utilities Commission’s application for smart meters. This is evidence of the BCUC

Ex PM Harper has to account for his administration’s radiation of Canada where buildings have burned, people have died and their negligence in revising Health Canada’s Safety Code 6(2009). Here is my submission for the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on RF EMFs(microwaves) creating a problem that will cause nuclear failure within borders. There was no qualified response.

It requires investigation how Safety Code 6(2009) was being revised during FortisBC’s application for wireless smart meters. Health Canada retained the Royal Society of Canada(RSC) for that code revision and the corrupt revision of exposure guidelines allowed for children, babies and pregnant women to be effectively put in microwave ovens on low for 24/7. Here is evidence I provided for those hearings and it was deleted without representation.

The RF EMFs as applied are not definable as sustainable under the Auditor General of Canada Act. FortisBC’s smart meter program was rubber stamped except I was given the legal avenues to reverse FortisBC’s smart meter application if I can prove the BCUC made an error in approving the application. All the plastic head people will be safe while people, pollinators and planet earth dies. The reconsideration of FortisBC’s smart meter program will be filed tomorrow with a domino through every PUC globally. How long can you put a baby in the microwave for? The entire scope of medical diagnosis has changed putting medical professionals in positions of liability. The Environment Commissioner and Auditor General are not going to be laughing, neither will the Lt. Governor representing the monarch’s investments in Canada. MP Fuhr, your own family and investments are at risk. Do your job.


Professor Curtis Bennett

Chief, International Science Advisory Board for IHF(14,301 members) 
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits 
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 40 Years 
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Construction Engineering Technologist 

Here is What a Dutch Telecom Worker Suit For Protection From Microwaves

This is a picture of what a Dutch Telecom worker wears for protection from microwave EMFs used for wireless communications. The explanation that distance from the EMFs make you safe is not the truth. These EMFs compromise the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time.

These EMFs induce electrical current, that increases voltages in the body where millionths of 1 volt increase cause health effects. These EMFs change frequencies in your body and brain causing unrealized health effects including contributing to violence.

These EMFs go through you and can cause brain trauma, break bones and vibrate you billions of times per second. Imagine shaking a baby or child billions of times a second.

The entire science used for safety and to bypass all jurisdictions, codes, standards as well as medicine is a plastic head or body part.

This suit protects telecom worker from microwave EMFs, there is nothing protecting you, buildings, infrastructure, forests, ecosystems or atmosphere.

Document Provided For Massachusetts Joint Committee on Illegality of Smart Meters

The hard work being done in Massachusetts on smart meters is appreciated and important. A document was provided at the request of concerned citizen groups for the Joint Committee and all politicians in the state.

The document summarizes the illegality of smart meters. It should have been added that wireless smart meters and the technology would compromise privacy. Once installed, microphones and cameras could be turned on in the bedroom, living area or the board room.

This document should be shared with every jurisdiction such as cities, states, provinces or country. There are reasons we wire the world and the missed economy includes the billions associated with hard wiring technology upgrades.

This document should be shared with all applicable professionals.

Two Interviews Answering Questions on Wireless Radiation Including Smart Meters, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones.

Dianne Knight of Stay on the Truth Media asking Professor Curtis Bennett questions about smart meters, Wi-Fi, cell phones, health effects and more. The questions were provided by public and professionals. The questions were not provided up front for any preparation.

Bennett’s credentials include:

Chief, International Science Advisory Board for IHF(14,301 members): Integrative Health Forum, Global Education Development Institute & Associates include 14,301 licensed health and consulting professionals put on accredited medical education programs where health professionals get education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. The education programs are applicable to health professionals in the United States, Canada and will be global.

Bennett’s thermal radiation background is the natural frequencies and vibrations of all matter above Absolute Zero.(-273 deg C or -496 deg F) It is the basis for all sciences and the reason for the title that took decades to earn.

Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits: Bennett lectures in the accredited medical education programs.

Radiation Consultant for 40 Years: Thermal Radiation, Electromagnetic Radiation(EMR) & Solar Radiation.

Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal): The Government of Canada, provinces and Industry Canada trained and certified one profession for the utilization of all electricity. Credentialed electricians are the governments, Public Utilities Commission and utilities recognized experts.

Building Construction Engineering Technologist: Construction from contracts to completion. Fellow graduates include Project Management, Site Superintendents, Building Inspectors & Professional Estimators.

First Interview & Questions September 14, 2019.

Second Interview & Questions September 19, 2019

Vaping is MAINLINING Nicotine

Mainlining is getting drugs into your bloodstream.

There is another reported death of a young person that just started vaping. If this young person smoked tobacco, they would be coughing immediately. Vaping allows people to inhale this big cloud of nicotine into their lungs and it can be verified by that big cloud being exhaled. The fact that is allowed to be done with any chemical reflects the ignorance and elected representatives not doing their jobs. These young people are effectively mainlining nicotine or chemicals that should never be inside a body.

Medical and toxicology professionals can explain what the chemicals do to the body. They are not incorporating EMFs exposure with wireless technology compromising the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time. The greater the exposure and absorption of this electromagnetic energy, the greater the compromises.

Vaping should be banned immediately, for their life.

Smoking Tobacco Safer Than Vaping??

The first time I saw vaping and that cloud comparing to a big rig’s exhaust, I asked a biology student what it was. They told me it was a safe alternative to smoking and even called it water vapor. I asked where the gallon of water was and the humidifier turning the water to steam(vapor)?

When friends and associates were vaping as alternative to smoking, I asked to see the pipe. I asked what was burning and they showed where the liquid is in the vaping pipe. It is electronically ignited and the reality is vaping in mainlining nicotine or chemicals. Note: I have never used drugs intravenously, mainlining is injecting a drug for a better or bigger high.

Tobacco has the dried leaf of the tobacco plant burning and nicotine is mixed in the tobacco. Put a person exhaling smoke from a cigarette and a person exhaling the chemical byproduct, there is no comparison.

No wonder people are dying and lungs have holes. How on earth are products this dangerous and stupid ever allowed to be manufactured at all? Lungs are designed to take in that important oxygen and get rid of waste.

These products need to be banned and the industries that produced them pay all associated health and environmental costs. When vaping pipes were allowed to be manufactured, how did their business plan incorporate recycling their waste product and what were the costs?

The construction industry as one example has professional estimators to minimize waste so their is less cost at the landfill and more profit.

Propane Leak Causing Massive Building Explosion Killing Fire Captain & Injuring 7 Others Could have Been Seen with Non Invasive Radiology

Propane Leak Could Have Been Seen Using Non Invasive Radiology

Heart felt prayers for the families of the Captain that gave his life in the line of duty and the others injured in this devastation. Condolences to the Fire Department and community impacted by this as they are an extended family.

As a first response consulting team at operation levels, we have worked with fire departments and in our private time have shed tears for those impacted by this avoidable disaster. An edited public fire inquiry in British Columbia, Canada by Premier Gordon Campbell’s office prohibited fire fighting advancements from getting to fire departments globally. As a result, BC, Alberta, Fort Mac, Slave Lake, California and others globally fought their fires blind at unrealized costs globally.

Premier Campbell’s Office Stated Inquiry Wasn’t Accepting Images, Based on Audio Only which Came Unplugged
Reporter Marshall Jones Showed Time Stamped Images With Radio Dispatches
Verifying Fighting Fire Blind. Unobstructed Sight through Smoke Can Be Seen

Our team’s unparalleled risk assessment background starting 40 years ago allowed consulting for governments, industries across the board as well as insurers isolating electrical/mechanical/refractory/chemical or other failure before it happened.

The propane leak could have been isolated to the source from a distance giving Farmington’s team sight they didn’t have. Further complicating a propane leak that is looking for ignition are portable electrical or electronic devices. The propane leak itself with the movement of the propane creates an electrical charge making for an extremely dangerous situation.

The investigation into this fire MUST consider the wireless environment of the building and area. Was there a wireless smart meter on this building and what was the proximity to the propane? Are there wireless smart meters mass installed in the neighborhood, cell towers, antennas or other wireless communication in the area? The illegal installation of wireless smart meters by unqualified people has electrical arcs and surges that can provide the spark that would cause the explosion.

I would even advise communications by fire department’s investigating propane or gas leaks to be aware their own portable communications can provide the spark. Those portable radios are not designed to be in a Class 1, Division 1 environment where a spark can cause an explosion.

This is a link that shows how electrical connections in meter bases can arc, spark and surge. Starts on page 9.

Everything in existence is electrical, trucks going down the highway can pick up an electrical charge, aircraft and helicopters do the same. If you look at the gas pumps at a gas station, you will see warnings of cell phone use or filling a gas can in the back of a truck. The gas pouring into the gas can develops an electrical charge and the vehicle’s tires are not allowing the electrical charge to go to ground. That is why they want the gas can on the ground.

People reading or sharing this post, keep this community and state in your prayers as they mourn the loss of their own.