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Thermoguy Thermographic Thermal ImagingThermographic or thermal infrared (IR) imaging takes more than simply having infrared equipment. Infrared thermal scanning requires an imaging application in conjunction with the right equipment, supporting temperature software and qualified professionals with backgrounds specific to the application. We’ve got over 37 years experience applying infrared technology in the field for a wide variety of professionals.

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Buildings are insulated and designed for regional climatic data supplied by building codes. Energy systems are designed and installed based on this criteria. We want building development to blend in and not impose on the environment while being energy efficient. Less natural resources are used and there will be less emissions. A real problem is that buildings are signed off as compliant with building codes because we are blind to temperature. Energy professionals, architects, engineers and other related sciences use calculators for design considerations but it wasn’t verified.

Building codes warn of solar radiation (EMFs) being significant, this video above is the reason why. You will see buildings in the infrared spectrum grossly exceeding building code and generating heat close to boiling temperature.

Massive energy waste while super heating the atmosphere contradicts global objectives and smart meters are not addressing any of it. They are billing you for the massive waste. Sight of temperature related to these issues is now lectured in medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing.

The United Nations are worried about a 7 degree F rise in atmospheric temperature, we are documenting solar exposed development 100 deg. F warmer than that. Prime Minister Harper’s administration were given this information to take to the United Nations as well as solutions that would put millions to work.

The planet shares one atmosphere and extreme heat generation affects the entire planet causing climate CHANGE. Look at this link, think of the heat generated by development and where the winds move each day.