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Education, engineering and sciences consider temperature except professionals use calculators for important temperature consideration. Our visible spectrum can’t see temperature until it is glowing “red hot”. The right infrared technology used in conjunction with a recognized imaging application and interpreted by qualified professionals can bring the invisible to light for a world blind to temperature.

Why is a technology that measures temperature and is accurate to +-2% isn’t in mainstream education? It requires more than equipment, the temperature applications exceeded expertise. That is where we make the difference.

Our professionals designed and completed educations to compliment extensive backgrounds applying infrared technology. We have investigated heat transfer at molecular levels for over 30 years for industries as well as their insurers. Governments have used our work for standards and we are the only company lecturing advanced infrared applications in medical education for education credits required for licensing. The medical education programs are recognized and approved for lecture in North America.

We aren’t here to compete with infrared manufactures or present training, we are here to complete them by moving into mainstream academia.


Every temperature application require different considerations and different professionals for interpretation, a few examples will be provided with links.


In 2003 and 2009 during SARS & H1N1, 100s of millions of people were screened at ports of entry without 1 image being produced of flu symptoms and thermal imaging was reported as “next to useless for health monitoring”. That required a response through media because the imaging application exceeded their expertise. SARS Application Exceeded Equipment Manufacturer’s Expertise

To protect the integrity of responsible IR applications, we met with health officials from Health Canada to demonstrate why equipment manufacturers failed. This was an imaging application that exceeded expertise.

Flu symptoms and changes in physiology with treatment or progression of infection can be seen. We have an existing application to give medical professionals sight of their objectives and it is lectured in medical academia for CE credits.


Weather is the basic interaction of warm and cold air with water vapor. Heating the atmosphere by unnaturally will change the weather formula and contribute to climate change.

Global warming is considered to be the biggest threat to the world, what do all of the United Nation’s Members have in common when discussing climate change? 100% of them are blind to the temperatures they are discussing and blind science means blind policy.

In order for man to heat the atmosphere, there needs to be a source of heat and because we couldn’t see the source of heat, we blamed emissions. You are going to see what we missed in the calculator.


Although buildings are designed, insulated and insured for specific temperatures provided through building codes, the entire national to municipal building process is signed off as compliant without verification. Follow the link and see basic examples of energy waste, more GHG emissions including CO2 and a domino effect that contradicts objectives. HEAT LOSS FROM BUILDINGS Heat loss is one aspect of energy loss from a building, more infrared inspections are required or the building owner isn’t getting complete data on energy consumption or building performance.

We completed did several years of advanced temperature research to find how buildings became urban heat islands and why there are billions of dollars in energy costs responding to them. SOLAR RADIATION BURNING BUILDINGS


Groundwater is considered to be nature’s hidden treasure. This is our water supply, where fish spawn and areas we want to protect environmentally. Click on GROUNDWATER IMAGING where you can see groundwater sources from the air. The purpose of the application is to give hydrologists, hydro geologists, biologists, forestry, water management and education the ability to see their objective.


Early detection is possible with responsible IR applications. The inflammatory response can be seen with 100% non invasive imaging. The imaging can be completed in almost any environment including homes, clinics and hospitals.

The importance of proper application training working in conjunction with the right IR equipment can’t be overstated because quality of life can be effected and there may be professional liability. The images below are a prime example of the amount of information lost because of a very well intended but inexperienced team.

The woman in the image below lost her mother to breast cancer, has had a sister with breast cancer and she turned to thermography for early detection for herself. She went to an established clinic with dozens of international locations to have her breast images taken. The images were taken by their certified thermographer, reviewed by an MD and the report said there was slight asymmetries between breasts. She was told there was nothing to be alarmed about and to have the imaging repeated in 3 months. The subject asked me to review the images and give her an opinion on their reporting. Upon reading the report and viewing the images, I disagreed with the reporting in its entirety. I asked to see the exact same image over a different span of temperature.

View the image below and see the slight asymmetries that were reported. Put your mouse over the image below and see the same image presented differently. Can you see any differences between breasts?

  • This breast thermography was considered a baseline for a woman with breast cancer in the family. I disagreed. Look at the same image adjusted.

Their thermographer taking the images had limited experience and passed those images on to a doctor with limited experience. A doctor, inexperienced in thermography would see mild asymmetries as presented when the reality shows an alarming difference between breasts. I reported to the subject that the marked differences required immediate attention and as a result she had a cancerous tumor removed.

Left to wait for months for further imaging to establish her baseline may have had a dear cost associated with that and unknown liabilities for a well intended physician. It took 1 minute for the presentation change and proper application training would allow them to achieve success.


Medical professionals could see inflammation, lack of, progression of disease or changes in physiology with treatment with portable, handheld infrared technology and advanced imaging applications. Our thermography applications are presently lectured to physicians and other health professionals where they receive education credits for attending in Canada as well as the United States.

The images at this link are a very few basic images of an extensive imaging library.  MEDICAL IMAGES AND INFORMATION 


The idea that fire fighters fight fires blind is ridiculous when they could see through smoke, track the direction of the fire before it arrives and much more. California, Australia and elsewhere are experiencing wild fires and more homes burning while the boots on the ground are blind. Go to FOREST FIRE IMAGES to see basic imaging including time-lapsed infrared video of a forest fire getting out of control.

Responsible thermography will allow insurers to see water behind walls in leaky condos. Insurers can validate building performance and property value for savings instead of liability.

Temperature transfer at molecular levels is the purest science when all is considered. Using portable infrared technology since 1979/80, we are the only company in the world that designed educations specific to advancing thermography applications. We employ building engineering educations, energy provision educations, electrical generation, greenhouse gas emissions, electron flow around infrared technology which allows unprecedented application, interpretation and opportunity.

Our applications are available for educational curriculum and we look forward to discussing implementation, research and marketing. Giving professionals the ability to see temperature accurately where otherwise it was calculated will optimize environmental and health objectives, especially with the loss of medical isotopes. Universities, technical schools will take enrollment to a new level with sight of temperature versus calculation and assumption.

View the many applications listed on the site and there are still many, many more as we “Bring The Invisible To Light”

We look forward to answering all your questions.