Social Distance Rules are Reactive & Not Reflecting the Distance of a Cough or Sneeze

It is important for those reading this post to understand the significance. Medical professionals require ongoing education credits for licensing, part of our work includes lecturing accredited medical education. There is no higher standard. Continuing Medical Education

In regards to the coronavirus itself, our accredited medical education team has never stopped working and will release media soon on how the virus interaction can be seen using non invasive radiology. Progression of infection or effective treatment can be seen.

In my area they have circles and lines every 6 feet for social distancing, the sneeze or cough is traveling 4 times that distance. Directly below is a video by Inside Edition.

It is important to note wireless EMF exposure compromises the nervous, hormonal and immune system at the same time. Global exposure guidelines for wireless exposure admit they are inducing electrical current in to you but just a little. The problem is inducing any electrical current can kill you and inducing current means you are increasing cellular voltages. That is separate of the frequency changes inside brains or bodies with exposure.