New Home Buyers


Any building you are thinking of buying has been designed, insulated and insured for very specific regional temperatures provided through building codes. Unfortunately the building was signed off as compliant with building codes because the actual function of the building and how it uses energy couldn’t be seen.

In order to see how the building is using energy, you need to employ infrared consultants with backgrounds in building and energy provision. Here is a link to show you how buildings use energy to heat buildings in cooler climate. Heat loss can be seen, go to HEAT LOSS IN BUILDINGS

Finding the cause of urban heat islands demonstrated how solar interaction with buildings causes buildings to generate heat they aren’t insulated for and they will use energy reacting to symptoms. Watch exterior colors, don’t remove trees and shade cover or the building may exceed design temperatures. Go to BUILDINGS BECOME URBAN HEAT ISLANDS and see how buildings become urban heat islands as well as time-lapsed infrared video of what happens inside the building after it becomes an urban heat island. Does it affect fire separations and indoor air quality?

Water inside walls, air leakage around windows and doors can be seen with non destructive testing. Beware in condo purchases, there are more considerations and potential liability than understood.