Temperature literally pertains to everything in existence except we can’t see temperature until it is glowing like an element. Due to the fact education couldn’t see temperature, it was calculated with incredible accuracy.

Infrared Equipment is a different area of expertise from actual field applications. Sars imaging failed miserably because the application exceeded their expertise. Seeing Sars requires application specialists using proper equipment. The equipment operator has to have a background specific to the application or you will limit results. This is our response through the media. Thermografix Disputes the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Public Report on SARS Screening

Our thermography applications and research capabilities are unique to the world, they will be employed in curriculum as well as for advanced thermography training for the infrared industry. We are the only infrared company in the world that has completed multi-disciplined educations to compliment extensive backgrounds in thermography dating back to 1979.

Our thermography applications are vast and versatile with science based results. In 2006, presented thermography applications were accepted for lecturing physicians and the physicians received Continuing Medical Education ( CME ) credits for attending. Go to MEDICAL IMAGES and see very basic imaging, there is much more information available. Medical imaging companies require a very controlled environment for imaging, we have an application where people’s health challenges can be imaged almost anywhere. We provide a unique service to Medical Professionals, Environmental Consultants, Fire Services, Forestry, Landfill Management, Building Industry, Utility Companies, Oil & Gas, Mining, Shipping & Salvage, Municipalities, Insurance Companies and Corporations to ensure optimum performance of their objective in the best interests of the public and environment.

Healthcare professionals can create a temperature image of any area and see circulation differences, pinpointing areas of interest immediately with a portable, non invasive, accurate process. We offered the only format to image the effect of SARS and to show the mutation as well as to verify treatment effects.

Our inspection format is the only inspection service that can locate the area of concern, dimension the area of concern and verify the remedial procedures used were successful. Our format allows the same capabilities day or night… locate, dimension and verification.

Kyoto is about the reduction of energy use and the government has a target of 20% reduction in existing buildings by 2010 and enforcement will include surcharges or penalties for home owners?

We have the ONLY ability to document and interpret energy waste that is presently signed off as compliant with building code. Kyoto is also missing critical data related to global warming and emission reduction alone isn’t going to deal with temperature rise.

The incorporation of a responsible infrared program is required for professionals and governments at all levels to meet building & energy mandates. Presently they are legislating efficiency with the best of intentions and an ancient inspection process. Buildings are having so many problems that municipalities are considering letting the construction industry police itself to avoid liabilities to taxpayers and constituents. Insurance companies are issuing disclaimers for mould when mould is a design or construction problem.

This is what is precisely wrong with buildings, there is no enforcement because issues and building dynamics are difficult, subjective and costly to prove in a court of law. The whole construction process has become an economic concern instead of the science it is required to be. There are many billions of dollars spent nationally to ensure that buildings are compliant with building code for fire safety, energy consumption, health concerns, investment and the environment that sustains our existence.

Temperature related to energy consumption is taught in EVERY educational facility in the world. Temperatures are included in the equations to determine what buildings are to be made of to ensure public health, safety, energy use, longevity of the investment and to protect the environment. Engineers and Architects of every discipline have been taught and use temperatures for calculating design.

Mechanical Engineers are designing the air-conditioning and heating requirements based on calculations of the building components with indoor/outdoor temperature extremes throughout the seasons. These temperatures are important to building, health, environment and emission concerns.

Buildings are signed off prior to occupying that they are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and complying with codes. The real function of the building is never verified because the inspection process is a visual inspection based on a few visits.

Consider that governments create minimum standards for public protection, architects and engineers comply with it and then bid out the construction process that ensures the building is built and functioning as designed.

The whole process from the feds to municipalities are relying on the construction functioning as designed and then the bidding process prevents people certified to these standards from competing responsibly.

Economies are dictating the quality of construction completed and the costs are astronomical with a domino effect that touches forestry, fish, water and agriculture. Environment Canada has stated the globe has warmed more in the last 15 years than in recorded time and the effects of this are stated in our global warming section.

The purpose of our research and development was to build educations around a technology that allows us to see temperature beyond our visible spectrum. Our research has been completed to give municipalities the tools they need to verify code compliance so engineers, architects and builders can see the function of their products and be responsible to the owner, the public while the building is under warranty. Every building problem can be seen and documented to ensure legislation protecting us in enforceable. Warranty can be dealt with effectively pinpointing areas of concern and verifying remedial work was completed.

Universities and Technical Institutes need to see and teach temperature relating to the function of the products they are designing. UV on building structures is not addressed yet it is imposing heat greater than we are designing for in buildings and the ramifications are far reaching and catastrophic when you consider we burn fossil fuels to heat and cool the home. These extreme temperatures change building dynamics and affect design, function and the increase the use of fossil fuels, hence more emissions.

EVERY municipality in North America and beyond are passing buildings for occupancy that are violating building, energy, fire codes.

Why not incorporate the only technology in the world that can deal with these problems in an incredibly cost effective manner? We have equipment and training available for municipalities to make them effective and they will have many departments interfacing with infrared technology for unrealized savings in many departments including fire fighting.

Inspections Include:

      • Buildings
      • Verify Walls, Windows, Doors and Roof Performance pertaining to Part 5 & 9.25 of the Building Code. Presently, the performance of buildings are signed off as compliant.
      • Detect and Trace Water to the Source behind walls (100% non destructive testing)
      • New Building Warranty Inspections and Verification of Renovation Integrity
      • Identify Window Performance, Exfiltration and Infiltration, Wet or Missing Insulation. (The ONLY inspection that shows emission concerns)
      • Pinpoint and Document Thermal Bridging of building components(Heat Loss and Heat Gain)
      • Electrical Distribution Inspections of Buildings.


      Building electrical systems are under more demand with the electronic age and require inspection, maintenance one or two times a year depending on load fluctuations. The expansion and contraction of connections causes them to become loose which is the start to equipment failure, power interruptions, productivity losses, explosions, fire as well as public health and safety.
      Our inspections do not affect production, are non-contact with equipment inspected while under operating load.(This allows us to pinpoint and document a potential connection or equipment problem without interrupting productivity of the customer).
      • Forestry
      • Electrical Distribution, Mechanical Processes, Kilns, Dryers
      • Mammal Counts, Water Temperature Verification, Fish Habitat, Beetles, Canopy Cover, Locate Groundwater
      • Temperature Mapping of Watersheds, Verification of performance of remedial work for Fish Habitat.
      • Forest Fire Mapping locating sources and allowing fire behaviour specialists to accurately track the direction of the fire
      • Accurate eyes for fires through the smoke for accurate assessments, documentation, temperature analysis and recorded for investigation, education.


      • Oil & Gas, Marine & Mines.
      • Electrical Distribution from generation to utilization
      • Refractory lined vessels, Kilns
      • Steam Traps
      • Pipeline Leaks
      • Chemical Spills on Water or Land, Ships and Offshore.
      • The unprecedented ability to locate, dimension and verify any changes in the darkest night with zero visibility


      • Health
      • 100% Non Invasive, Temperature imaging of Health Challenges for professionals
      • Screening and Monitoring any changes accurately and immediately. Refer to images in the medical section


      • Agriculture
      • Locating Frost Pockets, Holes
      • Profiling Soil Temperature
      • Locate Groundwater
      • Diseases



“ Bringing the Invisible to Light ”

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