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Meteorology and weather stations are very very important but there are limitations in the information gathered. The next picture is a weather station in an urban area. Although every building and their energy use are designed for specific temperatures, buildings are signed off as compliant with Building Codes. Temperature is a critical component of everything designed but we use calculators because temperature wasn’t seen or qualified.

The next picture is a close up of the weather station, note the thermometer reporting temperature. Heat rises and a thermometer from the weather station isn’t going to identify urban heat islands even if they were right beside them. The next link shows exactly that. HOW NOT TO MEASURE TEMPERATURE, PART 42

The rest of this page is going to show you what we missed in the thermometer at the weather station.


Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor. We want to be careful not to add heat to our atmosphere or it will change the weather formula. Heating the atmosphere will contribute to climate change and climate change doesn’t mean it warms up everywhere. It means climate will change and weather severity like floods, droughts, record snowfall, freezing temperatures, etc are the reality.

If you look at a picture of planet Earth, you can see that all countries share the same atmosphere. The reason we don’t want to unnaturally heat the atmosphere is because it will change everything we do including economies, water and food supply. The domino effect will impact every aspect of our lives including other species sharing the planet with us.


The science of global warming and whether it is caused by humans is a hot debate because science is literally blind to temperature. All the laws are in place but science students and professionals use calculators for temperature considerations. My professional backgrounds include building engineering and electrical energy provision. Although both fields are qualified science, we use calculators for building envelope performance, energy consumption and emissions produced. Buildings are an engineered product on paper and then submitted to a bidding process before being signed off as code compliant. The end result is the building is insured with everyone accepting responsibility but never verified.


What do all of the United Nation’s Members have in common in climate change discussion? Science to policy in every country is effectively blind to temperature and Blind Science means Blind Policy.

The next pictures show you the limitations in climate science and the equipment used for measuring temperature.


All of the building, energy and environmental laws are in place so we don’t contribute to heating the atmosphere, that is how emissions got blamed for trapping heat in the atmosphere.

We are going to show you what was missed in the calculator and why it contradicted our own educations in the calculator. After several years and seasons of the most advanced infrared building applications in the world, we found the cause of urban heat islands as well as why massive energy is used responding to urban heat islands. Los Angeles alone is reported to spend over 100 million dollars a year on energy costs responding to urban heat islands but they aren’t addressing the cause. Smart meters and the smart grid is being deployed but not addressing the problems or saving the massive energy waste responding to symptoms. Look at the following videos in the infrared spectrum showing the reality of objectives.

Observe solar radiation changing the temperature of buildings every minute because of the absorbent material used on the exterior.

Here is a time-lapsed infrared video from inside the building to see how the exterior solar exposure affects the interior. Ideally there should be no change and we didn’t expect to see what we did. 3450 watts per hour of electrical energy waste responding to symptoms of solar radiation.

Now observe several hundred brand new buildings wasting megawatts(millions) per hour and 100% of it is reacting to symptoms of solar radiation. All the buildings are new but grossly exceeding BC Building Code. Paint, low-e exterior finishes or shade would save the megawatts of energy waste.

Building Codes tell us as building and energy professionals to watch out for solar radiation. To comply with building codes we are supposed to use exterior paints, finishes or shade to reflect or protect from solar radiation or the building development will be radiated.

The next images were taken on November 23rd when it was 10 degrees F or -12 degrees C. Is the building warmer than the temperatures reported at the weather station?

Global Warming In Winter

This building to the left is 60 deg. C or 120 deg. F warmer than the atmosphere and heating the atmosphere without emissions produced. Capturing carbon, reducing emissions or smart meters won’t stop the atmospheric  heat.

Low emissivity exterior finishes or shade would eliminate the heat.

The image below shows a church on November 4, 2010 when it is 8.5 degrees C at the weather station. Put your mouse over the picture to freeze the infrared or digital image. See solar EMF interaction with absorbent exterior finishes generating atmospheric heat that contributes to climate change without producing emissions.

In the summer months massive electrical waste producing more emissions will be wasted responding to the symptoms of the church being radiated by solar EMFs.

The next picture shows a building when it is 7 degrees C on November 4, 2010. Put your mouse over the picture to freeze the infrared or digital image showing you an example of how different colors react to solar exposure. This building is super heating the atmosphere contributing to climate change because of solar EMFs interacting with high emissivity exteriors.

Note the shaded side of the building is close to what the weather station is reporting.


Here is a basic example of why Building Codes tell you to watch out for solar radiation. The dark house used to be lighter, the owner painted it without understanding they could change the building function.

Put your mouse over the image and the infrared image will appear 

An Urban Heat Island is created early in the morning and generating heat . Later in the day, emissions, ozone depletion and electrical waste will be used reacting to the symptoms of becoming an UHI without stopping the heating of the atmosphere that changes climate.


This is where Canada’s government does their business. Could they become urban heat islands? Here is one look or angle because solar impact happens all day.

Put your mouse over the picture to freeze the infrared or digital image.

Parliament Buildings & Supreme Court of Canada are heating the atmosphere and changing weather without C02 produced. If you captured carbon, traded carbon credits or stopped all emissions, the buildings would still heat the atmosphere.


The next building is the National Research Council. Were absorbent finishes used on the exterior and is it generating heat?

Put your mouse over the image and the infrared image will appear 


Germination and other aspects of reforesting are going to have challenges to grow in this radiated environment because of the heat generated. The next images are aerial images of a forestry cutblock in April. It is 5 degrees C outside and the exposed ground of the cutblock is 40 deg. C. In the summer, the temperatures of the radiated ground will be higher. Note the difference between the cutblock and the green space of the forested areas.

Put your mouse over the image and the infrared image will appear 

Pine Beetles have devastated 50,000 sq. miles of BC Forests and the response has been clear cutting. Imaging cut blocks in April showed the exposed ground being radiated, imagine the heat generation of a 50,000 sq. mile heat island of dead forested area. Once you generate heat energy it can’t be destroyed so the best idea is don’t generate the heat.




Forest Fire intensity and fire extremes are a domino effect of global warming associated with Urban Heat Islands. Here is a link to several infrared videos of forest fires


How does a baby that has never taken a breath get fire retardant, banned pesticides, incinerated garbage, plastics, mercury, fossil fuel emissions and hundreds of chemicals before they take their first breath? Waste water or sewage treatment isn’t designed to catch chemicals so mom passes on the chemicals and continues to pass them on through breast milk. Think of everything that goes into a toilet, do you know where human manure goes? We use it to fertilize agriculture that we eat.

Do a search for sludgewater and be prepared to be shocked when you think of babies, pregnant moms or yourself eating this. Sludge should be used to generate electricity because if we don’t recycle it, our bodies will. TOXIC SLUDGEWATER INFORMATION

Click on this link, the toxicity ratio is 100% and the babies don’t have the ability to protect themselves. There are no children exempt from the toxins regardless of how much money or power mom and dad have. It isn’t legally definable as sustainable and it needs to be addressed for the emergency it is.

Body Burden - Pollution in Newborns


We are presently reacting to the symptoms of urban heat islands with massive emissions, ozone depletion, wasted electrical generation, acid rain, mercury, etc and the urban heat islands are still heating the atmosphere 52 weeks a year.

Due to the fact urban heat islands couldn’t be seen, we are all policy and couldn’t see the science. Here is the Canadian Environment Minister’s speech on challenging countries to reduce the use of refrigerants that that deplete the ozone. At the exact time the Environment Minister challenged the UN to reduce or eliminate the use of refrigerants, we had submitted documentation showing Canada using refrigerants in almost 100% of their buildings reacting to symptoms. CANADA CONTRIBUTES TO INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT ON OZONE PROTECTION AND TACKLING CLIMATE CHANGE.

Here is a link to Environment Canada’s Code for the elimination of Fluorocarbon Emissions from refrigeration and air conditioning to protect the ozone. ENVIRONMENTAL CODE OF PRACTICE

Here is a letter sent to the Western States & Provinces on solar radiation making buildings become urban heat islands. WESTERN CLIMATE INITIATIVE PARTNERS which include California, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Arizona, British Columbia and Manitoba telling them their buildings become urban heat islands and exceed their design temperature while they react to the symptoms with ozone depletion and massive GHG emissions.

The UN Meeting in Bali in 2007 missed critical data on climate change, urban heat islands and building performance. Here is our press release.Press Release – UN MEETING IN BALI MISSING CRITICAL DATA ON CLIMATE CHANGE

                                         “BRINGING THE INVISIBLE TO LIGHT SINCE 1979”

2 thoughts on “Heat Gain

    1. You would never know by the retail constuction material sales where anyone can do construction that buildings are an engineered product with a real design function. The energy they use, heat loss and the design of the systems used to heat the building are all done with precise calculations. Buildings are also designed for regional seasonal temperature extremes and those design temperatures supplied through Building Codes by Environment Canada Meteorological services in Canada.

      Those Building Code design temperatures also refer to radiation(another EMF) being more significant than design temperatures. Successful imaging requires proper equipment, equipment technical support, an existing and proven imaging application, a good thermographer with reporting and interpretation done by a qualified professional specific to buildings as well as energy use.

      In consulting for engineers or building professionals, they want issues related to building performance tied to a Building Code Rule so they can represent their client.

      I know this is a lot of information but we have been in the business 35 years and that required trials, errors as well as doing work over. When you speak about solar gain causing buildings to generate extreme atmospheric heat, that contradicted our own professional’s education in the calculator. It meant buildings were grossly exceeding design temperatures from Building Code and massive energy waste responding to the symptoms of solar radiation. We imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states in the U.S. to see the impact of solar exposure, shade effect, energy use, emissions, toxins as well as how each state, province and country are interdependent on each other.

      If you are a contractor or consultant, the infrared company should provide you with the consulting on buildings BUT the imaging application will exceed their expertise. We used the most advanced infrared applications in the world without exception. If you are a Thermographer or wanting to be, be careful because equipment purchase and training are not going to give you the tools you need to succeed. Our level of thermography is the only thermography lectured in accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. That education is applicable to health professionals in North America for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. The point is we do teach a Thermography Practicum as well. That will ramp up to teach people buying infrared equipment because equipment manufacturers do not do these advanced imaging applications because it exceeds their expertise.

      From 2003 for the SARS Viruse, H1N1 and Ebola last year, equipment manufacturers and infrared companies images 100s of millions of people at Ports of Entry but couldn’t produce 1 image of a Flu. The imaging application exceeded their expertise. Here is a link and very very very basic imaging so you can see what a flu looks like. http://thermoguy.com/ebola-screening-at-airports-is-reactive-ridiculous/

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