Cell Phone Use After One Hour

The discussion on cell phone safety isn’t including all of the technical data as was reported to Health Canada’s Standing Committee on Health. There was an error reported in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 when they compared radio frequency emfs with humans but didn’t provide that humans have their own frequency or the fact they would be unprotected electrical systems in that application.

The method used for cell phone heat is done in a lab, they don’t typically get to see the heat because the imaging application exceeds expertise. Here is a picture of before and after cell phone use for one hour. Do you see any changes between sides of the head? Do you see the difference in sides of the neck?

Industry stating to hold the phone a short distance from your head isn’t going to work. Can you use your cell phone in a building or basement or car? These frequencies go through walls, roofs, cars and these frequencies go through your head as well as your body. Your brain runs off different frequencies and the mix of the frequencies changes frequencies in the head.

Health Canada uses international safety standards and the law says if the tissue is stimulated, experimental studies show it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization. Human tissue and biologic systems are permeable making it very vulnerable to EMFs. What is it doing to a fetus or reproduction?

People in this discussion need to relate this for what it is, humans are intricate electrical systems and holding an electrical device to their head isn’t good for that electrical system. Use a wired headset and keep the phone away from you. The application of the law has changed with the reported error or omission in safety standards, be careful. Have you flown with an airline and they tell you to turn your phone off because it interferes with the communication of the aircraft? It is interfering with your communications. How many men are carrying a radiating device in their pockets next to their baby factory, look at the picture and think of those regions of your body?