Global Warming Causing Climate Change is Real

Weather is the basic interaction of 3 things, cold and warm air with water vapor. If heat is added atmospherically it changes weather but the reality is we couldn’t see it. All the laws are in place but hard to imagine the world’s education is blind to temperature, we can’t see it until something is red hot. If we generate heat unnaturally, heat rises and mix with the winds as they move around the globe. That will change weather down wind. Here is a link to the National Weather Service where you can see daily updates on wind movement.

As temperature specialists, we were asked to find the cause of urban heat islands which were thought to be warmer urban areas. We didn’t know solar EMFs were actually radiating each building depending on color, sidings or shade. Buildings were documented in 7 provinces and 26 states where it was verified many buildings were grossly exceeding building code.

Keep this in mind when looking at the video, we are supposed to be blending in with nature and fluctuating with temperatures reported at the weather station. The exterior of buildings have a function like an umbrella to shed the elements. It isn’t supposed to be pretty first, it is supposed to function.

If we warm the atmosphere we change climate meaning floods, droughts, floods, increased forest fire intensity, changing economy, etc. Look at the winds move across the world, heat rising from all development.
There is a massive economy addressing this and it would employ millions, no one is answering the phone while people are spending 100s of thousands buying illegal buildings.

Shame on Canada for not reporting this in Rio at the UN Meetings on Climate Change, we sent politicians and salespeople with their own agenda. Countries committed over 500 billion tax dollars to address something heating the atmosphere.