Smart Meters Not Addressing Climate Change or Saving Energy

It is important for the reader looking at this post to understand 100% of this is qualified science within existing codes and standards. The thermal radiation imaging is accurate and verifying whether design temperatures have met standards.

We are lands of law and governments along with industry train professionals to design, install as well as troubleshoot within existing codes and standards. Buildings as an example are an intricate design with very specific functions to keep you safe, use less energy, use less natural resources and protect your investment.

Just like an elevator designed to carry a certain weight, buildings and their energy systems are designed for specific regional climatic data. In Canada, Climatic Data is provided for building codes by Environment Canada. Ideally we are supposed to blend in with nature in the areas we live in and not impose on it.

Buildings, their insulation values, energy systems, energy use, GHG emissions are based on buildings functioning within design temperatures. It ensures buildings comply with building codes so they can be financed, insured and occupied. Banks, mortgage lenders, insurers, and governments rely on code compliance to protect their investments. Building Code also warn of solar radiation(EMFs) being more significant than design temperatures. To avoid solar EMFs interacting with absorbent exterior finishes, it requires shade or low-e finishes(less absorbent) on the exterior.

There are many that think that global warming or climate change isn’t happening but there are real reasons we are not supposed to heat the atmosphere. Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapour. Weather = cold and warm air with water vapour. Man made heat atmospherically CHANGES weather. Once you generate heat it can not be destroyed, it is here to mix and change means weather severity as we are experiencing around the world.

The world and everything in it is designed with and for temperature except we can not see temperature until it is literally Red Hot. We use calculators for important temperature considerations

Due to the fact we are literally blind to temperature, buildings are signed off as code compliant and everyone accepts responsibility BUT compliance wasn’t seen or verified. All the laws are in place so GHG emissions were blamed for heating the atmosphere and creating climate change. BLIND SCIENCE made for BLIND POLICY

The United Nation’s members have committed over 500 billion to address climate change BUT they missed critically important science. That critical science is lectured in the most advanced and accredited Energy Medicine Program in the world. They actually show energy(temperature) in the infrared spectrum.

That critical science was passed on through our authorities having jurisdiction. From Kelowna BC, Gordon Campbell, MP Ron Cannan, Prime Minister Harper, Environment Ministers and others will have to account for why they ignored their government energy and engineering professionals. Canada should have taken this to the United Nation’s Climate Change Meetings but didn’t.

Governments and industry were denied critically important science. Energy, oil and other companies spent significant dollars reacting to symptoms of solar EMFs interacting with buildings. Billions of watts of energy used to cool the buildings is a 100% waste that could be knocked off the grid. AC is in fact refrigeration being used because buildings are not designed or insulated for the extreme temperatures generated. In Canada we imaged solar radiated buildings 204 deg. F on a 95 deg. F day when the maximum design temperature supplied through building code is 93 deg. F.

We imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states. You will see what we saw in every province and every state without exception. Here are 2 time-lapsed infrared videos that were completed without any expectations. One from outside buildings showing solar EMF interaction right after sunrise and the second one is a 15 hour time-lapse inside the building where there should be no changes in temperature.

The world has reacted to the massive energy waste and put in smart meters to reduce energy use as well as address global warming. Are Smart Meters going to catch any of it? Solar EMFs Causing Building Development to Generate Extreme Atmospheric Heat. Literally billions of watts of energy is wasted creating more emissions, wasting more natural resources.

Millions of real construction jobs could be created immediately and the massive energy waste would be eliminated from the grid IMMEDIATELY.

FortisBC admitted under direct cross examination they will cover 17,000 sq. kms with RF EMFs to communicate with smart meters. That in itself creates a 17,000 sq. km heat sink contributing to the climate change the meter program is supposed to address. 100% of the smart meter program is a waste and they will not save 1 watt of energy. You are being billed a premium for the waste.

A weather station is not catching any of it. Who lives upwind or downwind from your city? When building development generates extreme atmospheric heat approaching boiling temperature, heat rises and it moves across the world in different directions every day. Here is a link to the National Weather Service showing a loop with winds moving across The United States and Canada. The winds changes every day and the excessive heat generated by development changes direction with it.

They need to cease smart meter programs immediately without exception, they are a waste when millions of real tax paying jobs could be created immediately.