Solar EMFs Causing Building Development to Generate Extreme Heat

Weather is the basic interaction of cold and warm air with water vapor. Heat rises and if we add heat to our outside air, it changes the weather formula. Look at the information below and you will see solar interaction with buildings is causing buildings to generate heat they aren’t designed for.

Here is a link to the National Weather Service where you can see clouds and winds move across the United States. Every day the winds change and states, provinces or countries are contributing to severe weather.

Go to the Castanet’s website and scroll down to their Live Scenic Cam. Pick a day and watch a time-lapsed video of cloud movement at different layers. Think of heat rising from building development and watch how much it moves.

Here is a link to Urban Heat Islands so you can see more images of solar radiated buildings. This is a link to see a Time-lapsed Infrared Video showing how fast buildings are radiated in the morning.