UV Impact on Skin & Buildings

There are record breaking temperatures across Canada and the United States with warnings about exposure. We wanted to show you what we couldn’t see with our visible spectrum.

Protect your skin because you will see the physiological changes with 5 minutes UV exposure before
8 A.M. Keep in mind the subject we used avoids exposing her skin to UV with the point being darker skin including tanned skin will get more UV impact.

Following that you will see the effects of UV on building development. Although the weather station is reporting 96 degrees F, it is really 178 degrees F at this building and 119 degrees F in the upstairs bedroom.

Buildings are designed and insulated for specific temperatures, not 178 degrees F. Air conditioning is in fact refrigeration and the same as leaving a fridge door open in every room to cool the room. A/C requires thousands of watts of electricity produced every hour for EVERY building. If your building is employing A/C, it is being radiated and exceeding building code.