All New & Existing Cell Tower Antennas in Canada MUST Comply With Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 as a Condition of License

Health Canada uses the same science standards as governing bodies around the world for the limits of human exposure. The fact an exposure code has allowable limits of microwave radiation is because the code admits critical science is missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. Read the first 9 pages of Safety Code 6, what is admitted in a radiation code is alarming.

In the following sections, the maximum exposure levels for persons in both controlled and uncontrolled environments are specified. These levels shall not be exceeded.

1.1 Purposes of the Code

The purposes of this code are to:

(a) specify maximum levels of human exposure to RF energy at frequencies between 3 kHz and 300 GHz, to prevent adverse human health effects;

(b) specify maximum allowable RF contact and induced body currents to prevent the physical perception of internal currents resulting from RF energy in uncontrolled environments, and to prevent RF shock or burns to personnel in controlled environments;

(c) provide guidance for evaluating RF exposure levels, to ensure that personnel in controlled and uncontrolled environments are not exposed at levels greater than the limits specified in this code.

Sentence (a) is specific “to prevent adverse health effects

Sentence (b) contradicts Sentence (a) There is no acceptable induction of electrical current. Current kills & inducing current increases cellular voltages using Ohm’s Law

Here is the link to Safety Code 6(2009) The first 9 pages are alarming for their errors & omissions. Health Canada retained the Royal Society of Canada for their revision of Safety Code 6(2009). Why was FortisBC allowed to apply for wireless smart meters during the revision of exposure code?

Professor Curtis Bennett’s 10 minute video presentation for Royal Society of Canada deleted from the revision of Safety Code 6(2015).

Causal Evidence Linking EMFs to Adverse Health Deleted From
Safety Code 6(2009) Revision

Go to page 10 of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Act to see highlighted area stating compliance with Safety Code 6(2009) is a condition of licensing for new and existing antennas. Translation is new and existing antennas are illegal.

Cell Towers is deceptive language, there can be dozens of antennas for present and future use. Antennas are illegal and electrical contractors will be liable for powering antennas. Satellites microwaving the planet would also be illegal for their non compliance with Safety Code 6. The “science” used around the world for the safety of wireless and to bypass all jurisdictions is a plastic head or body part. It isn’t science.