City Councils Not Informed About Smart Meters By Utilities

This council meeting in Worcester MA is an example of what has happened around the world.

Governments allowed utilities to install wireless smart meters without understanding the blanket coverage of a wireless grid will also be installed.  The pilot project for the State of Massachusetts is in Worcester where National Grid has installed 15,000 meters affecting 75,000 people.

Citizens are complaining as are professionals and city council expresses their own frustration with what has National Grid has done. Here is the video for the city council meeting where you can hear the public and city council. The first part of the video is about smart meters and the rest is about other city business. Worcester City Council Meeting on Smart Meters

To date Worcester City Council doesn’t know 15,000 meters were installed by unqualified people and the swap itself endangered residents as well as city objectives. The city health department wasn’t aware 75,000 people or all in the coverage area are being electrocuted slowly by the grid or that building code compliance will change. City Council doesn’t know the Specific Absorption Rate adopted for limits of human exposure is a plastic head with liquid in it.

The State of Massachusetts and Worcester need to know the dangers of the frequencies and causation linking frequencies to adverse health effects was lectured in medical education for CME credits required for ongoing medical licensing. Integrative Health Forum