Worcester, Massachusetts Puts Smart Grid on Hold

Worcester’s Zoning Board of Appeals had a meeting regarding a utility application to install the smart grid for a pilot smart meter program. The board voted to put the program on hold for many reasons that can be outlined in this news article. Worcester Zoning Appeal Committee Votes to Put Smart Grid on Hold

Here is a picture of a model used for the Specific Absorption Rate adopted for the limits of human exposure. See anything related to a human in this test?

We were asked to submit a response to a State Senator and an electrical engineer reporting on Television the wireless meter program is safe. We also wanted to address missing science in the Zoning Application by the utility. Response to Zoning Application, Senator and Electrical Engineer on Safety of Smart Grid

Here is the video of the public meeting with the Zoning Appeal Board and presentations by National Grid as well as opponents of the smart grid. It is a long but worthwhile education to hear this from the source. Video of Worcester Zoning Application for Smart Grid