EMFs & RF EMFs Interfere With Pacemakers

What are the health costs to taxpayers and the recipient for the medical industry to install pacemakers?

Manufacturer specifications for the pacemaker tell recipients to stay out of an electromagnetic field(EMF) because the EMFs can electromagnetically induce the device and interfere with the device. Some people have been forced to retire because of the EMF environment they worked in.

This is another reason why the deployment of wireless frequencies for cell phones, Wi-Fi and smart meters are extremely dangerous as applied. There are real reasons we wire the world using insulated known conductors. In a wireless circuit, everything in the EMF is effectively in the wireless electrical circuit and that is to be avoided.

It is very important readers understand the science supporting the safety of wireless exposure uses a test that is not applicable science. Here is a picture of a Sam Phantom Model used for testing limits of human exposure, can you see why exposure codes admit causality and biological plausibility is missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects?

Specific Absorption Rate Test
Specific Absorption Rate Test

This is the test cell phone manufacturers have to submit their phone to. Can you see the red arrow highlighting the phone? The white arrow highlights the hole in the top of the head where a temperature probe measure temperature changes in liquid inside the head. If no heat is detected, it is called non thermal effects.

Besides the plastic head not having anything to do with biology, there were no antennas incorporated into the test. That is the equivalent of investigating a toaster that isn’t plugged in electrocuting people.

When it came to Wi-Fi exposure, the same test is used and any harm is dismissed because the laptop and other portable devices aren’t held against the head like a cell phone. 24/7 exposure is deemed safe when the routers or antennas completing the wireless circuit were left out.

When it came to smart meter exposure, the same test is used and any harm is dismissed because people aren’t putting the meter against the head like a cell phone.

Here is a diagram by BC Hydro showing the smart grid that substantiates how people are hit from head to toe and will be adversely affected at home.

bc hydro smart grid diagram

Here is a letter from medical education professionals on EMFs & Pacemaker Interference. When FortisBC admits their smart grid will cover 17,000 sq. kms, it will interfere with pacemaker recipients in all cities with lots of people including seniors with pacemakers. Killing these recipients in their homes contradicts manufacturer’s specification and there will be real liability for all. 

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