Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Convicted On All Counts

This is disgraceful to once again have political party interests take precedence over the people they were elected to represent. This criminal was convicted, should be jailed without bail and sentenced longer for the abuse of power for what they did in that important office. Then they should pay back all taxpayer dollars and all cost that were spent during their crimes. That includes the gas, oil and maintenance of every vehicle used, all man hours and literally every cent taxpayers spent.

Is it true she was smiling leaving the courthouse? Why was this criminal allowed to resign?? The US Attorney General or Obama himself should have fired them and escorted them out of the building. If it were a Republican lawyer, would this Democrat President have allowed them to resign? Do you think Trump asks people who undermine his companies to resign? It doesn’t reflect her undermining the office, government, people who elected them and their country.

What else did they get away with while undermining their office, state and country? Then I watch the commercials of the politicians slamming Trump and that he can’t be trusted in office?? Do you think Donald allows people on his payroll of 1000s to perform like that? Do you think Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or any private company allows this? Would I hire a staff of political opposition to the direction of my company? The second I found out what they were I would fire them, kick their ass and then hold them liable to the full extent of the law.

CNN runs programs like “Why do they hate us”? How about when the people in power related to justice of the country are criminals. They didn’t have leaders in industry globally come to them, it was a military directed by a political agenda. That isn’t to blame the military, politics and special interest have no business directing policing or the military. Politicians and special interests should be lobbying behind the scenes on their dollars. I am a science professional specific to energy, engineering and a professor lecturing accredited medical education. I don’t and can’t trust any politicizing of electricity or any sciences or there would be liability.

I am one of the governments and industries science professional with no options but to perform to the highest standard or I am liable. I have had to carry errors and omission insurance for many millions of dollars per occurrence. That doesn’t excuse me for criminal liability for being reckless or negligent. We are codes and standards where there are no politicians or opinion from them. This pisses me off because right now as this is going on, we are dealing with the reality Federal Governments(US Department of Energy) provided stimulus packages for the mass deployment of wireless smart meters that are supposed to save energy.

Not only are the meters not going to save 1 watt of energy, they have RF EMFs in them that are radiating populations, undermining economy, health, all industries, environment, climate change agenda of President Obama, National Security and all the United Nation’s Members. The United Nation Climate Change Meeting in Paris came back with a global science consensus(not politics) that a 3.6 deg. F rise in atmospheric temperature would be globally catastrophic. That means man heating the atmosphere the whole world shares. The stimulus package for wireless smart meters and the required smart grid blanketing cities, states, provinces, countries will heat the atmosphere by themselves. When you blast high speed RF EMFs atmospherically, those high speed EMFs will oscillate billions of times per measurable second 24 hours a day. Exponent Inc’s Electrical Engineer Yakov Shkolnikov admitted under direct cross examination in BC Government transcripts while under oath that the 900 MHz antenna in smart meters will oscillate 1.8 billion times PER second, the 2.45 GHz antenna for Wi-Fi 4.9 billions times PER second. That creates heat that can not be destroyed, it will mix globally. The stimulus packages of the U.S. and Canadian Government’s provided money to states and provinces to mass install smart meters. Electricians can not mass install meters as meter bases can be decades old with very fragile electrical connections. Electrical connections are the weakest point in an electrical circuit and connections are usually maintained regularly.

Utilities in states and provinces used people not qualified to touch electrical as well as no legal authority to trespass to install meters. The utility has no authority or jurisdiction to work on a meter base, that is electrician’s jurisdiction and the building owner’s property. Now the utilities in states and provinces have created REAL fire issues as well as causing buildings to be non compliant with building codes.

This Attorney General did not protect the citizens of Pennsylvania against the assault with a deadly weapon created by Smart Meter RF EMFs or their properties that are no longer compliant with Building Codes. This Attorney General didn’t represent  to municipal governments and their critically important Building Inspection that the Specific Absorption Rate Test used to bypass Building Codes is a plastic body part with water in it. When buildings are not compliant with Building Codes, there is no mortgage, insurance, occupancy, no taxes for services and millions of buildings damaged. Pennsylvania and the federal government loses billions in taxes, no one is paying tax on an illegal building they can’t live in or sell. The properties will revert back to the lender who will not be insurable.

Just as you see in this article by the NY Times, this Attorney General’s actions show what happens when political interests weaken the professional gene pool. If Obama and Hillary think Donald Trump is out of control, wait till they see what he does when he finds out they put meters on his own properties that will cause accelerated erosion and corrosion of his investments as well as adversely affect the health of his family and people within his investments. Trump will be liable and he will be passing on that liability. If Hillary or Obama think it isn’t so, the federal government’s lawyers will have to defend a plastic head as science when it should be an aquarium. Making it worse is the US Department of Energy literally blind to the energy they are trying to save and being reactive when they could create millions of taxpaying jobs immediately producing IMMEDIATE energy/emission reduction.

While some reading this may think it is controversial, the Specific Absorption Rate Test the federal government, FCC, utilities are relying on for safety is a plastic head or body part with water in it. The following link is evidence of the British Columbia Government’s BC Utilities Commission calling for the suspension of the smart meter programs. You can see the real energy losses and the U.S., Canada and beyond is wasting trillions of watts per hour reacting to the symptoms of solar EMFs interacting with building development. The UN Member’s consensus was 3.6 deg. F rise in atmospheric temperature as globally catastrophic, look at page 18 and 19. It is an 85 deg. F day and solar exposed building development is as hot as 197.7 deg. F. That means there is atmospheric warming 108 deg. F hotter than the 3.6 deg. F.

Brown outs, power demand wasting trillions of watts per hour and massive natural resource waste reacting to the symptoms of solar interaction making them non compliant with Building Codes. Look at page 19 and shade effect right after sunrise. 

Solar EMFs are interacting with absorbent exterior finishes and buildings are generating heat close to boiling temperature. Is that more than 3.6 deg. F? Any Nuclear Power Plants in Pennsylvania? These RF EMFs will cause accelerated erosion and corrosion of Nuclear Power Plants. Here is our unpopular submission to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on the accelerated corrosion and the power plant NOT being compliant with Building Code. The first submission was politically and administratively rejected until the CNSC was informed of their liability. 

Globally, what happens when there are nuclear failures within borders? This won’t be popular but this is the real tradeoff.  This former Attorney General better stop smiling, this is a very serious problem not being addressed.