Retired RN Donna Bohannon and Professor Curtis Bennett With John Burwell Discuss DEADLY FIRES and Related Corruption With Smart Meters

Another important interview and discussion on smart meters. There are investigations going on regarding smart meter fires and unfortunately it is an urgency of unrealized proportions.

Smart meters have been mass deployed globally with the thought they will save energy and reduce emissions. The reality is no energy will be saved, real fire issues exist in every building because of the illegal installation and the smart grid will cause trillions in damage.

It is important for everyone to listen and expand on this because governments and utilities didn’t consult or inform anyone.

WEDNESDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Sep 14, 2016)
Radio Host: Donna Bohannon
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( discusses DEADLY FIRES and related corruption with smart meters at the center. John Burwell will be in studio, to add to the commentary.
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