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5G Roll-out Facing $1 Trillion Class Action Lawsuit

The title speaks for itself and is the reality of what is coming for the wireless industry and those that participated in this crime. This is why industries, utilities and different levels of governments were warned. Special interests including political parties had their own agenda with their greed and ignorance.

Our team has a 40 year background in risk assessment for industries across the board isolating electrical/mechanical/refractory problems before they fail. Otherwise the failures can cause catastrophic damage, lost production, economy and injuries or loss of life. Our reporting was so accurate, industries would schedule shutdowns based on our reporting.
Here is one example of what can be seen and industry professionals can address.

Isolating & Repairing Electrical Problems Before Failure, Fires & Explosions

Here is an example of what can happen with EMFs when they are allowed to interact with their environment. This was an electrical installation created by electricians not qualified for this type of work. This created a very dangerous and deadly environment where a major ground fault under load can happen. Explosions, fires, electrocution and shutting down a division of the lumber industry. The costs versus the 100 dollar piece of mica board(insulation) missed in the original installation.

Here is a picture of the science used by FCC, Health Canada, global governing bodies, utilities and the wireless industry globally to substantiate safety of wireless. It is the same science being used to bypass and supersede ALL levels of jurisdictions(government).

Science used for mass deployment of wireless

This link is evidence provided for the British Columbia Utilities Commission calling for a suspension of FortisBC’s smart meter program.

This is the link to the trillion dollar lawsuit. Keep in mind 1 trillion isn’t enough. Buildings and infrastructure in EVERY city or area blanketed with RF EMFs. Damage to dams, nuclear power plants, eco devastation including atmosphere. Every exposed citizen has a multi million dollar lawsuit including babies in the womb.

There will be no insurance as they will not pay out 1 dollar, the trillions will come from assets and personal wealth. Then they will account for their crimes in criminal court. This is why Gateshead Council, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Health Canada, provinces, states, countries, Prime Ministers, FortisBC, BC Hydro, etc were warned.

The missing causal/biological evidence linking RF EMFs to adverse health was found, reported and lectured for Continuing Medical Education credits REQUIRED for ongoing medical licensing. That accredited medical education program by the Integrative Health Forum and Global Education Development Institute is the most advanced medical education in the world. Their medical program related to the causal evidence was applicable to health professionals in North America. The medical program link above is a letter from health education admin and important to share with your medical professionals.
Trillion Dollar Class Action Lawsuit

All New & Existing Cell Tower Antennas in Canada MUST Comply With Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 as a Condition of License

Health Canada uses the same science standards as governing bodies around the world for the limits of human exposure. The fact an exposure code has allowable limits of microwave radiation is because the code admits critical science is missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. Read the first 9 pages of Safety Code 6, what is admitted in a radiation code is alarming.

In the following sections, the maximum exposure levels for persons in both controlled and uncontrolled environments are specified. These levels shall not be exceeded.

1.1 Purposes of the Code

The purposes of this code are to:

(a) specify maximum levels of human exposure to RF energy at frequencies between 3 kHz and 300 GHz, to prevent adverse human health effects;

(b) specify maximum allowable RF contact and induced body currents to prevent the physical perception of internal currents resulting from RF energy in uncontrolled environments, and to prevent RF shock or burns to personnel in controlled environments;

(c) provide guidance for evaluating RF exposure levels, to ensure that personnel in controlled and uncontrolled environments are not exposed at levels greater than the limits specified in this code.

Sentence (a) is specific “to prevent adverse health effects

Sentence (b) contradicts Sentence (a) There is no acceptable induction of electrical current. Current kills & inducing current increases cellular voltages using Ohm’s Law

Here is the link to Safety Code 6(2009) The first 9 pages are alarming for their errors & omissions. Health Canada retained the Royal Society of Canada for their revision of Safety Code 6(2009). Why was FortisBC allowed to apply for wireless smart meters during the revision of exposure code?

Professor Curtis Bennett’s 10 minute video presentation for Royal Society of Canada deleted from the revision of Safety Code 6(2015).

Cell Towers is deceptive language, there can be dozens of antennas for present and future use. Antennas are illegal and electrical contractors will be liable for powering antennas. Satellites microwaving the planet would also be illegal for their non compliance with Safety Code 6. The “science” used around the world for the safety of wireless and to bypass all jurisdictions is a plastic head or body part. It isn’t science.

Cellphones and Blue Tooth are Thought to be Safer with a Little Distance From Your Body

It is assumed that if you hold the cell phone 1 or 2 inches away from your head, it is safe. Oops, when the SAR test is done on new cell phones, it isn’t plugged into the wireless network! That is like testing a toaster that isn’t plugged in. Here is the Specific Absorption Rate test that left out the grid and BC Hydro showing the grid for smart meters.

Test model for wireless exposure

Dr. Magda Havas asked me if our team would participate in an experiment at school in 2010. Image on classroom without Wi-Fi and one class with. I immediately said no, we would be liable for the health effects as well as for radiating the school and infrastructure.

We participated in one test where a young man and parents were in agreement. The young man was always on his phone or kept it is a shirt or pant pocket. I want men, women, boys and girls to think about that when you see the before and after images. Think of the breasts, ovaries, eggs and testicles with a radiation device next to you.

These images were from 2002 and we were reporting illegal cell phones and cordless phones. The images are over the same span of temperature and the subject did not touch their face or neck. It was while lecturing medical education where people were asking about wireless exposure.

Before & After Cell Phone Use for 1 hour

Think about the baby in the womb, ever see a mom with a laptop, tablet or cell phone on her belly?

Professionals Speaking Over Expertise on EMF Exposure Undermines Universities, Medicine, All Jurisdictions Creating Catastrophic Liability Regardless of Intent

The mass deployment of smart meters, Wi-Fi, cell phones, tablets, blanketing the planet from the surface of the planet and from space has catastrophic consequences and liability. There are very real reasons we wire the world. Billions of lost economy in construction wiring computer stations. It is safe and very fast where Wi-Fi in a classroom as an example requires putting children, teachers, parents, support staff, buildings inside the wireless electrical circuit. These EMFs are not supposed to hit or interact with any of the above.

To have global exposure codes admit critical science was missing on a very complex topic created bigger problems. Industries were created selling products on how to live in the microwave. Due the the electrical mechanisms not being qualified, people were considered sensitive or microwave sickness when in reality it is subtle electrocution for biology.

Trying to explain or qualify credentials pertaining to EMF exposure has been ongoing. The unfortunate domino effect is 8 years of electromagnetic radiation that didn’t have to happen. Political and special interests took precedence over the public they were elected to represent. The technical reality is these EMFs have been absorbed, oscillate, vibrated or reflected billions of times per measurable second, 86,400 times per day for 2920 days.

Elected representatives are elected to represent and administer the government. That includes codes, standards, education, medicine, police, fire, military and all services. Education is specific to training and certifying sciences as well as other professionals. Those professionals do their jobs without any compromises or there are consequences and liability.

It WAS specifically causation, biological plausibility, mechanism of interaction and action that were admitted to be missing in global exposure codes. That is why the Auditor General of Canada and Environment Commissioner sent us all the petitions on EMFs. PhD’s reporting is specific to the the health effects which is a mechanism of action, NOT the mechanisms of interaction CAUSING the mechanisms of action.

You can’t causally represent EMFs, it requires a qualified electrical interpretation by electrical professionals that work in that area of electricity. There are many different types of electrical expertise. Red Seal Interprovincial Journeyman mean credentials recognized across Canada for the utilization of ALL electricity. If electricity is used anywhere, we are the experts.

The causal evidence linking EMFs to adverse health effects and more was found and reported September 14, 2010. It went to all levels of Canadian Governments including Prime Minister Harper. October 26, 2010, expert witness was provided to Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health at their request.

The same causal and biological plausibility linking EMFs to adverse health was qualified for lecture in accredited medical education. January 7&8, 2011 the causal evidence linking EMFs to adverse health effects was lectured for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. That was applicable to health professionals in North America for ongoing medical licensing.

Dr. Magda Havas was invited to submit a lecture at that highest accredited level. Her Environmental Petition to the Environment Commissioner showed the horrific damage caused by a cordless phone. Health Canada talked around her questions and she couldn’t qualify the power density differences. Dr. Havas was a no show and never heard from her again. That explains her getting retained endorsing filters or as as an “expert” when she is over her head on the electrical interpretation.

The World Health Organization reported RF EMFs as “possibly” carcinogenic May, 2011. Had PM Harper done his job and informed the W.H.O., EMFs would be a group 1 carcinogen.

It wasn’t know that citizen groups and their networks has mass emailed telling them to ignore Professor Bennett. According to them, a professor had to represent a theory, get a PhD, get their doctorate and teach a course at a university. Bennett being a professor for accredited medical education programs applicable across North America for health professionals may be because electricity isn’t a theory, neither is engineering, radiation or medicine.

Citizen groups and others private messaged others dismissing Bennett’s input without challenge. Bachelor of Art student C. Martin was relentless without understanding there are no art students superseding science departments. CST in British Columbia collected donations for a lawsuit and retained a lawyer for the legal action. The lawyer was offered the causal evidence to stop smart meters, he had been told to ignore Bennett because they didn’t like him. Their lawyer left the BCUC hearings during Bennett’s cross examination of FortisBC’s experts getting them to admit the causal evidence. CST medical expert witnesses were effectively dismissed by the BCUC and CST class action lawsuit failed because of causal evidence missing. CST hired PhDs who qualified couldn’t qualify electrical interactions.

March 13, 2019 Joel Moskowitz did a presentation for UC Berkeley. The mechanisms of interaction linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects was not mentioned for reasons Mr. Moskowitz can explain. He was privy to all Bennett’s postings as were others.

California had wildfires last year that devastated areas and ecosystems. Utilities were blamed for starting the fires when that isn’t the reality. Here is a parallel to the Camp fires and others that happened August, 2003 in British Columbia, Canada. None of the people had to die in California or the damage. This isn’t a reflection of the first responders, fighting those fire blind cost them live.

Wildfires were out of control with terrain and smoke affecting fighting the fires. Every offer to assist with the fire giving unobstructed sight through smoke was turned away. August 21, 2003 the fire was going to interface with Kelowna BC where 1000s were waiting for evacuation orders. All staring off into the smoke with no idea of the hell coming. Action had to be taken and was by flagging down patrolling police showing them the fire was there. That initiated the evacuation of 15,000 and the next day another 15,000. Here is one image of what was seen through smoke.

After being directed by police to volunteer at the fire hall, this collage of images were taken.

This email was sent to Joel Moskowitz and UC Berkley responding to the great presentation done that excluded the causal evidence needed to stop smart meter roll outs, Wi-Fi and the radiation of the planet. It has been 5 days and no response from Joel or UC Berkeley.

Here is the email and the response.

“Cell Phones, Cell Towers, and Wireless Safety” (UC Berkeley Presentation)

Ed FriedmanMar 13, 2019, 8:47 PM (5 days ago)
to Ed

Good presentation

From: Joel MOSKOWITZ [
Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2019 3:58 PM
Subject: “Cell Phones, Cell Towers, and Wireless Safety” (UC Berkeley Presentation)

“Cell Phones, Cell Towers, and Wireless Safety” (UC Berkeley Presentation)

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

March 13, 2019

On February 27, 2019, Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., delivered the keynote presentation, “Cell Phones, Cell Towers & Wireless Safety” for the “Balancing Technology” series offered by University Health Services (UHS) at the University of California, Berkeley. The presentation provides a nontechnical overview of wireless radiation research and policy developments including 5G.

Dr. Moskowitz, director of the UC Berkeley Center for Family and Community Health, has been translating and disseminating the research on wireless radiation health effects since 2009. His Electromagnetic Radiation Safety website initiated in 2013 has had more than two million page views by visitors from over 200 countries.

The presentation was filmed by UHS and by CNBC. The event was co-sponsored by the UC Berkeley School of Public Health

The video, slides, and safety tips can be viewed at the following link: or

Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
Center for Family and Community Health
School of Public Health
University of California, Berkeley

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety


Twitter:            @berkeleyprc

Curtis Bennett <>Mar 14, 2019, 1:25 PM (4 days ago)
to jmmtelltang, Ed

Subject: Professor Curtis Bennett Here On Presentations Leaving Out Critical Causation Evidence Linking EMFs to Adverse Health

Hello Joel,

I can’t imagine what got lost in translation that you would ignore me in my qualified electrical/engineering/radiation/medical capacity. You had access to everything posted on Facebook by our team including accredited medical education applicable to EVERY health professional in your state and country. That includes being applicable to your university. I am not singular nor am I selling anything, it was our team that found/reported and lectured the missing causal evidence missing in exposure codes from the beginning. I provided expert witness pertaining to causation and biological plausibility for Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health at their request. 

I am chief of an international science advisory board with 14,000 members that put on Continuing Medical Education programs applicable to the millions of health professionals in North America. After testifying for parliament, I contacted health education admin in regards to an accredited medical education program pertaining to the causal evidence for medical professionals. Once you mention the accreditation to health professionals, there is no higher standard and it would be immediately recognized by your university or others. Her is a letter by health education admin, please contact them and have candid conversations.
Health admin asked me to suggest a professional to submit a presentation for lecture and I suggested Dr. Magda Havas. She is a professor teaching biology at Trent University in Canada and the accredited program validated what she was reporting on health effects. Health admin contacted Havas and called me saying she wanted to see my credentials. I said share them andHavas was a no show for that causal evidence. I didn’t know Havas was selling or promoting filters or technologies as well as herself as an expert. A professor teaching biology isn’t supposed to overwhelmed by a plastic head or a potato representing biology.

I have heard and seen emails where CST and others sent out emails telling their networks to ignore me. Josh Del Sol referred to me as a mad dog. Liz Barris, Kevin Mottus, Anura Lawson and others in California were given the causal evidence. I heard they interpreted me to soften the approach. Olga Sheean was given the causal evidence and I spent significant time at no cost for her presentation. Her presentation left out 100% of what was given to her and zero reference to causal evidence. That denied her audience and governing bodies the causal evidence they were looking for. I had Bachelor of Art graduates questioning how I could be a professor without a PhD or doctorate degree and which university the program was recognized in? I explained that electricity, radiation, engineering and medical education isn’t a theory. I gave them the same letter  letter above to contact health admin and no response. Dafna Tachover is a lawyer and should understand the basics of causal evidence. Her website we are the evidence is representing the mechanisms of action but not the mechanisms of interaction.

All of your hard work, Barrie Trower, Olle David Carpenter, Goldsworthy, Martin Paul, Milham, etc ignored. While all of you were reporting the mechanisms of action, the mechanisms of interaction have to be qualified. That requires a qualified electrical interpretation first, How are they hit, why do some feel it, symptoms across the board. The fact the language using thermal and non thermal is even used is garbage. It is all thermal above Absolute Zero(-273 deg C or -496 deg F). Our team has a 40 year radiation background troubleshooting at atomic and molecular levels for every industry, government and their insurers. We have imaged EMF interaction creating a catastrophic problem at 60 Hz. Thermal Radiation is the natural vibrations and frequencies of ALL matter above Absolute Zero.

Did you represent to Berkeley Health Department medical diagnosis has changed with EMF exposure putting every doctor in the US in a malpractice lawsuit? Did you represent all buildings are no longer compliant with Building Code or nuclear failure within your borders? Did you share the reality EVERY science has changed and their Degree no longer applicable? Do you have any engineering departments and architecture? Did you represent not one of those people in California had to die in those fires and EMFs contributing? The mudslides washing babies away and the hell going on? We trained fire departments 27 years ago to see through smoke, thermal gradients can be seen. Did you represent our qualifying for RFK Jr’s article on nerves of young people electrically short circuiting killing them dead? Are the dead children just sensitive where Josh del sol can recommend a Building Biologist to teach you how to live in the microwave? Did you represent Boeing engineers using potatoes for Wi-Fi safety on airplanes? Does that biologically represent people?

Did you represent all buildings in California with smart meters are no longer compliant with code and the installation is illegal and an immediate fire hazard as well? That includes the university as well as infrastructure. The Specific Absorption Rate test name is an admission of harm. There is no acceptable absorption or dosage of electromagnetic radiation.
How long can you put a baby in a microwave for?

I have a quadruple science background and NEVER speak over expertise specific to liability. Boeing engineers are smart, radiating people on aircraft including crew has liability. We were given the criteria to reverse smart meter programs, we have to PROVE PUCs made an error. Now the PUCs, utilities, FCC and industry have to qualify a potato and plastic head as science. First response professionals have a duty, I am not trying to hurt feelings, this is to save lives and avoid liability.

I have to forward this to your health department or be liable. Don’t stop the important work but you have other applicable departments that can help you.


Professor Curtis Bennett

Chief, International Science Advisory Board for IHF(14,000 members) 
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits 
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 38 Years 
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Construction Engineering Technologist 
Ph: 604-239-2694

Boeing Engineers Using Potatoes For Wi-Fi Safety on Airlines Isn’t Reassuring & Creates Unrealized Consequences

As the different levels of government’s trained and credentialed science professionals, our jobs represent critically important codes and standards. Banks, lenders, insurers, fire services, police, education, medicine, all services, elected representatives, environment, energy efficiency, sustainable development require those minimum standards to secure financing.

Any technical challenges to the above are specific to code rules and science. Professionals have a duty to do their jobs, not speak over their expertise and political parties have to follow the above and not an agenda of the political party. When we do our trades certification, engineering, sciences or their administration there aren’t separate standards to accommodate political interests or affiliations. Any compromise of the above has real consequences including liability.

Media has been reporting problems with aircraft design and new planes with experienced pilots are crashing with all on board killed right after takeoff.

Airlines without exception have considerations regarding fires and explosions on airplanes that are not being considered or addressed. If you ever watch Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den, you will see and hear the sharks refer to immediate cost reduction and profit getting it made in China. Standards are different as are the end product. I bought a GE hotplate with 2 burners. Made in China and one burner didn’t work.

Two weeks ago a basketball player wearing Nike shoes had the shoe come unglued and the athlete was injured. I bought sneakers at Walmart and they fell apart after 3 months. I was walking and riding a bike.

Iphones, vaping pipes, electronics, appliances, etc made overseas and they are failing causing explosions and fires. Directly below are quotes from this law firm

More than 350,000 people are hurt by defective products each year—with the most serious injuries suffered when products explode or catch fire.

Unfortunately, these kinds of product explosions have been anything but few and far between, and malfunctioning ion batteries have been at the root of many of them.

Airlines are not considering their passengers and cargo hold have these devices on their planes.

Airlines now have Wi-Fi on aircraft for ease of communication. RF EMFs are electromagnetic radiation and are microwaves. In order for the Wi-Fi to work, all people on the planes as well as crew are inside a man made microwave oven.

September 14, 2010, the errors and omissions in exposure code Safety Code 6(2009) was reported to provinces, Health Canada and PM Harper. October 26, 2010 at the request of Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health. In the supplementary report, NDP asked for Health Canada to investigate because of my credentials.

Boeing Engineers did the work specific to Wi-Fi safety on planes. Here is Boeing’s video on their tests. The testing Boeing did failed airlines. There are reasons we wire the world.
EMFs interfere with brain waves, what are the frequencies of a potato’s brain?

NY Times Reporting U.S. Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018 Even as Coal Plants Closed

Here is the link to the NY Times Article

While emissions are not good for the planet, it is ridiculous to blame GHG emissions for heating the globe instead of heat emissions or heat causing interactions. With respect to any intent, what do 100% of the countries in the world have in common? They are all literally blind to temperature, professionals use calculators or other methods of measuring temperature. Humans can not see temperature until it is literally “red hot” like the element on a stove.

Building development is designed with climatic data from Building Code and constructed to not impose on the atmosphere. Buildings are an engineered product where the energy systems(emissions) are designed specific to environmental loading. Building Code warns of solar radiation(EMFs) being more important than design temperatures. If dark absorbent exterior finishes are used on the exterior of buildings, they need shade from the sun or the solar EMFs will cause excitation of the exterior of the building. That excitation generates unrealized heat that transfers inside buildings and radiates atmospherically where the heat changes weather.

Building development across 7 provinces and 26 states in the U.S. were imaged with the most advanced non invasive radiation application in the world. Temperature for us starts at Absolute Zero which is -273 deg. C or -496 deg. F. This level of imaging has been qualified and lectured for Continuing Medical Education credits required for ongoing medical licensing since 2006.

How many people have air conditioning? That is a fancy name for refrigeration treating the SYMPTOMS of the exterior of the building being radiated by solar EMFs. One air conditioner requires 1000s of watts of electrical waste, wasting fossil fuels, burning more coal, more emissions and the building has become an urban heat generator generating atmospheric heat approaching boiling temperature. California as one example was warned in early 2000s that LA used 100 million a year in AC. That atmospheric heat changes weather(rain fall) and affects forest fire intensity. That was represented in a public fire inquiry in BC in 2004 showing what you will see here. You will see 2 time-lapsed videos and they are nor illustrations, it is accurate temperature.

Buildings were imaged before sunrise to see if there was any solar impact. Do you see any changes in the first video? The second is a 14 hour time-lapsed video from inside the building to see if there was any impact.

Do you know why buildings are white washed? They reflect and protect from solar radiation so need no AC. The United States as one example has 100s of billions in immediate economy available addressing the EMF interaction with buildings. That would immediately knock the energy waste off the electrical grid, reduce emissions and protect our challenged electrical grid. Then the dumb grid has to be stopped. It is extremely basic physics that highly penetrating EMFs causes excitation of atoms and molecules they interact with. The EMFs are heating the atmosphere and there is an unrealized hell that goes with that, ask California.

For those reading this, expand on it in your capacity but do not ignore it. My background includes all aspects of construction from contracts to completion and nationally recognized government credentials in electrical energy provision.

100% of UN Members in Paris on Climate Change Blind to Temperature!

What did 100% of the UN Members have in common at the latest climate change meeting in Paris? They are all 100% blind to the temperatures related to global warming causing climate change.

IF humans heat the atmosphere, it changes the weather formula and climate globally. We all share the same atmosphere. While emissions themselves kill people, they are not the immediate problem. My background includes energy, emissions and I have government and industry credentials recognized across Canada for the utilization of ALL electricity.

As the government’s recognized science professionals, nothing could have prepared me for politics and the political cartels putting themselves before the public they were elected to represent. Our jobs are to report to and thru authorities having jurisdiction, we do not blind side our government(codes and standards).

Buildings have to comply with all codes and standards or there is no occupancy, insurance, lenders, taxes, sales, etc. Building Codes are specific about climatic data and regional temperature criteria. The codes warn of solar EMF impact. It is the misrepresentation of sciences and emissions that prevent President Trump from embracing climate change being man made.

Do you know why buildings are white washed? They reflect solar radiation and the solar EMFs can not interact with the exterior finishes. They do not use air conditioning which in fact is refrigeration. It is a scientific consensus that a 2 deg. C rise in atmospheric temperature will be globally catastrophic.

Our team imaged buildings in 7 provinces and 26 states related to solar impact first thing after sunrise. It was absolutely shocking to see the exterior of buildings being urban heat generators before they are urban heat islands. The heat generated by buildings was close to boiling temperature and MASSIVE energy waste, emissions, resource waste reacting to symptoms. Los Angeles alone was reported to use 100 million dollars of refrigeration responding to the symptoms of the exterior being radiated.

These science advancements were given to the Canadian Government for climate change conferences and 100% of the politicians didn’t share it which denied Canada and the world 100s of billions in immediate economy with emissions reduced immediately. The first time-lapsed infrared video is right after sunrise and the second is a video from inside the building showing heat transfer inside through lumber.

This was given to Trudeau as soon as he was in office, he represented none of it when the UN has committed 100s of billions to address it. Stephen Fuhr is our liberal MP, a retired pilot with the military and absolutely useless. He was no better than the previous MP Ron Cannon who was also useless undermining his community and country.

This conference on climate change didn’t even discuss wireless and what happens when high speed EMFs hit atmospheric or other atoms and molecules, simple physics is high speed oscillations generating heat, inducing electrical current, etc. A major health summit on wireless exposure didn’t address changing sciences and climate change.

Now the powers that be want a carbon tax while they kill the planet that sustains all life. Literally everything on the planet is temperature sensitive and we are changing sciences, economy and extreme weather.

Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U.S. & Canadian Embassy Staff. China Reporting Mystery Illness as Well. Wi-Fi is Microwave EMFs & You Are In the Electrical Circuit.

SEPTEMBER 1, 2018, updated to include China

Microwave Weapons are the prime suspect in US and Canadian Embassy Staff seriously injured in Cuba.

Cuba has been suppressed for decades which included technology upgrades. They didn’t need to rewire embassies, hotels or staff residence, a Wi-Fi router gives the illusion of being a cost-effective method for supplying internet. The trade-off is humans, infrastructure, buildings, etc are in the very dirty wireless electrical circuit. These are microwave EMFs that are NOT supposed to hit you.

Single power lines at extremely low frequencies adversely affect what they interact with.

This investigation shouldn’t be rocket science, were the affected workers in offices, residences, hotels, restaurants or any exposure to wireless communication.(Note they call it wireless communication for sales and Microwave Weapons for embassy staff injuries.

If the staff had wireless communication, that is the Microwave Weapon that gave them brain injury and other biological hell with the other considerations not talked about.

People, professionals, elected officials and everyone in every industry better pay attention. You know how you have different bulbs, batteries, adapters, etc and you can’t interchange them because they are not electrically compatible.

Your babies, families, friends and everything we need to survive on the planet isn’t electrically compatible with microwave EMFs called Wi-Fi, microwave weapons(I mean cell phones).

Here is the science the whole world uses for wireless safety and to bypass all jurisdictions, all codes, standards, medicine, etc for technology upgrades.

Gateshead Council, Newcastle, Canada, US, and every jurisdiction better pay attention. Microwaving your populations for ease of communications on light poles or elsewhere has to cease and desist immediately. These EMFs are an electromotive FORCE violating every atom and molecule they interact with.

It was the Integrative Health Forum and associates that found/reported and lectured the missing mechanisms linking EMFs to adverse health effects. That means this isn’t a debate, it is now accredited medical education.

The damage can be measured by the second as is the liability.

This is the Global Science Used for Safety of Wireless Communications & to Bypass All Jurisdictions

This is the science used around the world for the limits of human exposure to RF EMFs.

This is the science used to supersede all jurisdiction to mass install wireless. While the FCC and others have communication’s mandates, it has to be hardwired. There are real reasons we don’t put people or pets in EMFs, it can kill them. There is nothing worse in the whole world that could have been done than mass deploying wireless EMFs, everything on the planet has its own electrical properties.

Here is the test used around the world to acquire right of ways and supersede all jurisdictions, all sciences, codes, academia, criminal, medicine(diagnosis has changed with EMF exposure), medicine not aware of liability. Buildings, no longer compliant with Building Codes, infrastructure not designed for high speed vibrations billions of times per second.
Gas, oil, chemical, etc designed and constructed to avoid a spark. Blanket EMFs provide the spark and who knows what will explode.

Here is the science showing how your baby is safe in the womb.

Cell Phone Radiation & Specific Absorption Rate test

Royal Society of Canada and Health Canada Revising Safety Code 6 Edit Causal Evidence and Biological Plausibility by Professor Curtis Bennett

Health Canada and Royal Society of Canada revised Safety Code 6(2009) Limits of Human Exposure. Health Canada, FCC, IEEE and others use the same standards so this is applicable globally. The Royal Society of Canada is considered to be the intellectually elite, how did they get technically overwhelmed by a plastic head?

First off, it is a shame that energy technologies were mass deployed. Safety Code 6(2009) admitted causation and biological plausibility was missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects. We don’t have codes missing critical science, the causal evidence would be found first specific to liabilities.

The plastic head isn’t science. This video is a matter of record with the Canadian Government. It is evidence for any jurisdiction. These are EMFs and not supposed to hit you.