Power Density in Extension Cords, Power Bars and Appliances Cause Fires

This is additional information on how extension cords, power bars and bunches of devices plugged in can create electrical problems. When wiring buildings is done by qualified electricians, your circuits are designed and installed to handle your electrical needs safely. Homeowners create problems when they purchase extension cords and don’t use them properly. The size of the wire is stamped along the length of the cord. Usually extension cords are thinner wire meant for a small electrical load unless you specify you want 14 or 12 gauge wire. That wire being thinner than house wiring can create several different compromises of that electrical circuit and different dangers for the home.

During Christmas or celebrations or even home offices, we use extension cords and plug in many devices. A wired and wireless circuit are doing the same thing. A wired circuit is insulated conductors and the EMFs cancel each other out. The wireless circuit is not insulated and everything hit by the RF EMFs is in the circuit. This time-lapsed infrared video shows why we confine energy to an insulated wire and the EMFs cancel each other out.

FortisBC admits under cross examination they will electromagnetically radiate 17,000 sq. km to communicate with smart meters. Imagine an uninsulated wire with all people, buildings, infrastructure effectively in the circuit that is 17,000 sq.km. Here is a picture of the science used and science missed in EMF exposure.