Important Interview in Memphis With Retired RN Donna Bohannon On Smart Meter Fires, Health Effects, Misdiagnosis, Junk Science on RF EMF Safety And Real Liability

Retired RN Donna Bohannon who worked Pediatrics ICU will interview Professor Curtis Bennett again. Today’s interview will be on smart meter fires, illegal installation, Boeing Engineers using potatoes to represent human biology and Wi-Fi Safety in airplanes, the FCC, Memphis utility and city council using a plastic head or body part to show no harm in Memphis.

Professor Bennett will also qualify medical professionals and Pediatricians for one group representing over 20,000 children alarmed at the number of injured children. This has created a misdiagnosis bringing liability to health professionals across the United States and other countries.

These children are developing. Inducing electrical currents, brain wave entrainment, changing frequencies, cellular voltages, compromised nervous, hormonal and immune systems, every cell compromised, violent shaking of every atom and molecules billions of times per second, etc. Medical professionals are misdiagnosing and health costs sky rocket reacting to symptoms while potatoes and a plastic body part are used representing biology .

This is an unprecedented emergency with unrealized liabilities including national security that can be qualified with peer reviewed science.

Literally every health professional and other applicable professionals have to expand on this in their capacity.


Two talk show hosts team up to get the full scoop from Prof. Curtis Bennett concerning the multiple risks, internationally, about SMART METERS!

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WEDNESDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Feb 15, 2017)
Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW interview!)
GUESTS: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( offers more incisive news about WiFi, brainwave entrainment and SMART METERS! Wallace Redd (local radio host) in studio will join the discussion.
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