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Boeing Engineers Use Potatoes For Wi-Fi Safety on Airplanes??

It continues to break my heart to see what politics, special interests and professionals not doing their jobs has created in reality.
Shaunnesy Rodriguez is one example. Shaunnesy is a military mom whose son served his country. On top of that her and associates work with Wounded Warriors, Police and Fire with budgets of their own. They struggle to pay for their gas for the vehicle.
She is repaid for that service by being put inside man made microwave ovens and reporting health effects that can kill her as well as others. People need to step up including filing criminal complaints to have the people including politicians at the highest level arrested immediately.
This isn’t a debate and people are not sensitive to their real electrocution. People across the board don’t have to get technical to explain the real harm, let Boeing Engineers do it for you.
Here is the tests done to show Wi-Fi is safe on planes, that your babies are protected, military, airline workers and even the engineers that kicked out this ridiculous test. Are you or your family potatoes? Ever seen a potato in a doctor’s office or getting surgery? This is disgraceful and has undermined any health care system globally.
Causation linking the RF EMFs was found and reported through governments in Canada but ex Prime Minister Harper as well as others didn’t do their jobs.
This is what doctors, municipalities, insurers and lawyers have to see. People have huge lawsuits for their radiation, worker’s comp claims, the eco damage is an assault on all life and the domino effect impacts all countries.
Professionals that do not step up will be liable. Engineers will have to go to court and represent that garbage to a judge and jury. The only challenge to lawyers working for you is they can’t cross examine the potato.
This infuriates me and another victim I need to mention is Professor and MD Ronald Lynch. Professor Lynch was instrumental in a CME accredited medical education program on causation being lectured in Florida UCF. That medical education is applicable to all health professionals in North America. Dr. Lynch has been in Florida Prison for years for writing 3 or 4 prescriptions for long term patients. He is an African American but not from Africa. He was sentenced to 25 years when his work is Nobel Prize worthy and saving lives specific to early detection of Breast Cancers and more.
It humbles the hell out of me that Dr Lynch has been put in prison and we work with him on this EMF assault with a deadly weapon as applied. Pediatric groups representing 10s of 1000s of children are calling for help with the alarming rates of health effects while this brilliant man of medicine and god is limited in helping. Dr Lynch missed his children’s graduation, their weddings, his wife who has a 35 year as a Biology Teacher with an unblemished record. Byron Lynch share this with your family and father. I can not apologize enough for the hell you have been through while your father saves lives from prison.

Important Interview in Memphis With Retired RN Donna Bohannon On Smart Meter Fires, Health Effects, Misdiagnosis, Junk Science on RF EMF Safety And Real Liability

Retired RN Donna Bohannon who worked Pediatrics ICU will interview Professor Curtis Bennett again. Today’s interview will be on smart meter fires, illegal installation, Boeing Engineers using potatoes to represent human biology and Wi-Fi Safety in airplanes, the FCC, Memphis utility and city council using a plastic head or body part to show no harm in Memphis.

Professor Bennett will also qualify medical professionals and Pediatricians for one group representing over 20,000 children alarmed at the number of injured children. This has created a misdiagnosis bringing liability to health professionals across the United States and other countries.

These children are developing. Inducing electrical currents, brain wave entrainment, changing frequencies, cellular voltages, compromised nervous, hormonal and immune systems, every cell compromised, violent shaking of every atom and molecules billions of times per second, etc. Medical professionals are misdiagnosing and health costs sky rocket reacting to symptoms while potatoes and a plastic body part are used representing biology .

This is an unprecedented emergency with unrealized liabilities including national security that can be qualified with peer reviewed science.

Literally every health professional and other applicable professionals have to expand on this in their capacity.


Two talk show hosts team up to get the full scoop from Prof. Curtis Bennett concerning the multiple risks, internationally, about SMART METERS!

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WEDNESDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Feb 15, 2017)
Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW interview!)
GUESTS: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( offers more incisive news about WiFi, brainwave entrainment and SMART METERS! Wallace Redd (local radio host) in studio will join the discussion.
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Wi-Fi Can’t Be Ruled Out As Causing The Mystery of American Airlines Ailing Flight Attendants, Boeing Used Potatoes For Wi-Fi Tests in 2012

This link to the Flight Attendants getting sick was sent because of extensive investigative work finding causation linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

Did you ever fly on a plane and they tell you to turn off your cell phone because it interferes with the communications of the aircraft? Now airlines have Wi-Fi on planes which means they have created a man made microwave oven with everyone on the plane in the microwave oven. Babies, pregnant women, children, disabled, pacemakers recipients(are told to stay out of an EMF), people with health challenges, airline workers and the flight crew being hit by high speed Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields(EMFs).

The frequencies are the speed of the electromagnetic fields(EMFs). I cross examined FortisBC experts from Exponent Inc in their smart meter application that also had a second antenna for Wi-Fi. Electrical Engineer Yakov Schkolnikov confirmed under oath in government hearings that the frequency of the Wi-Fi was 2.45 GHz. That is

2.45 billion cycles per second and Schkolnikov confirmed the 2.45 GHz would oscillate 4.9 billion times per second.

That means the electromagnetic fields from the Wi-Fi will expand and collapse inside their bodies 4.9 billion times per measurable second. Airline worker’s bodies have frequencies of just above 0 Hz to 50 Hz. Schkolnikov confirmed under oath that when you mix 2 frequencies you get 4 resultant frequencies. It means wireless is changing frequencies in the body and brain, inducing electrical currents which changes cellular voltages compromising White Blood Cells. All of the cell membranes

RF EMF exposure codes state unintentional stimulation of tissue is to be avoided. Experimental studies show it can lead to nerve and muscle depolarization. In reality it means that airline workers have their nervous, hormonal and immune systems compromised at the same time. On top of that it causes Brainwave Entrainment and interferes with those professionals in doing their important jobs. The real liability for radiating passengers will be millions per passenger and criminal liability.

It is important for readers and doubters alike to know the airline staff are not sensitive to their subtle electrocution, this is inducing electrical currents. Unlike buildings with absorbent exterior finishes, air crafts use metals and where RF EMFs would go through a building, they will reflect or bounce off the metal hitting people from every angle. Wiring and connections inside the aircraft can also be vibrated causing failure of electrical systems.

It is important for people to see the science the FCC and other governing bodies use for the safety of RF EMFs. Here is a test model for the Specific Absorption Rate Test.

Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.








Here is a link to Boeing doing tests on Wi-Fi December 21, 2012. It is embarrassing that engineers used bags of potatoes to simulate humans being hurt and they did not address the RF EMF potential damage to the aircraft’s systems.

Airline unions have not negotiated for the health costs associated with their exposure including the ability to reproduce, triggering pacemakers and the health costs for their compromised systems from head to toe. High speed EMFs tearing through bodies can not be ruled out and can not be dismissed as causation for their adverse health effects. The peer reviewed science is electricity.

Professor Bennett’s Important Interview by Retired RN Donna Bohannon on Smart Meter Fires, Causation Linking RF EMFs to Adverse Health Effects, Building, Infrastructure and Damage to Ecosystems.

This is an important interview for people to hear and expand on in their professional capacity.

Retired RN Donna Bohannon is interviewing Professor Bennett because causation and biological plausibility linking RF EMFs has been lectured for Continuing Medical Education(CME) credits. Medical professionals require CME credits for ongoing medical licensing.

Donna is a retired RN that worked Pediatrics(Intensive Care Unit) and understands the significance of CME accreditation. It means this isn’t a debate and is now medical education applicable to health professionals in North America. It is important for the listening audience to know that although Donna wanted to interview Professor Bennett, her first order of business was to verify the CME accreditation. Otherwise the interviews wouldn’t have happened.

When it comes to smart meter fires, it is the illegal and dangerous installation causing the fires. Utilities are also using people not electrically qualified to touch electrical, never mind swapping meters under electrical load. There is a defined physical point where the utility’s jurisdiction ends and electricians begin. The utilities have no authority or jurisdiction to trespass and touch the meter base. A family of 10 died in a house fire in Memphis.

Utilities can read their meter and work on their other equipment, they can NOT remove that meter or work on the meter base. That is the building owner’s qualified electrician’s work.

The so-called smart grid is electromagnetically inducing electrical currents into people, changing biological voltages, frequencies, causing Brain Wave Entrainment, vibrating every exposed atom and molecule of your body billions of times per measurable second.

Smart Meters have 2 antennas in them, one for the smart grid and the other is Wi-Fi to be used for the dozens of wireless devices planned for inside your building. You may have heard recent media on a mystery illness in Arlington Texas schools where alarming numbers of staff, students and parents have been hurt. While the school district is testing air quality and other important factors, Wi-Fi was not on their radar as the cause. Blanket electromagnetic radiation inducing electrical currents into bodies can not be left out and has to be considered a primary cause. Under no circumstances can it be left out and the peer-reviewed science is called electricity.

These RF EMFs as applied did not go through any regulatory process, in B.C. Canada it was found out that BC Hydro bypassed applicable processes to mass install smart meters. BC Hydro used the Clean Energy Act to avoid regulatory process when there is nothing clean about this energy and wireless smart meters undermine the Clean Energy Act.

There is unrealized liability for the utility as well as the City of Memphis with these illegal and dangerous installations. The City of Memphis Building Inspection Department has not been informed a plastic head or body part was used to bypass their jurisdiction. The City of Memphis Building Inspection Department doesn’t know that Building Code has changed with the blanket radiation. Any new buildings and existing ones have to be designed to accommodate blanket electromagnetic radiation. That means new and existing buildings are NOT compliant with Building Codes.

Memphis has allowed an opt out and literally every person should opt out or you risk health problems, death as well as losing your investment. Memphis plans to install 1.1 million meters and that means loss of taxes because the buildings won’t comply with Building Code. That means loss of services across the board.

Memphis could create 10s of 1000s of tax paying jobs immediately and reduce their emissions as well as electrical use immediately.

Listen to this important interview and expand on it but do not ignore this. An unprecedented health and environmental emergency has been created in every state, province and country. There is no margin of error.









Host: Donna Bohannon 
(NEW interview!)
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( is our expert on all things about SMART METER fires as well as the related dangers of RF (radio frequency) and EMF (electromagnetic fields).
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Demand Generation

Wi-Fi Can’t Be Ruled Out Causing Mystery Illness Affecting Staff, Students & Parents At Arlington Independent School District In Texas

This link was sent to us asking for an opinion on the mystery illnesses in their schools. Look at the news reporting including testing for problems, a reported 60 teachers and staff, plus students and parents impacted. They report teacher’s passing out and one teacher resigned with more wanting transfers.

The first question for the school was whether they had Wi-Fi and the answer was yes. Regardless of other tests done, Wi-Fi RF EMFs are fast-moving, highly penetrating electromagnetic fields. They are going through bodies as well as buildings inducing electrical currents. The EMFs are compromising the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time while changing frequencies as well as increasing voltages in the body.

Other applicable professionals need to expand on this for what it means in their area of expertise, our job was substantiating the electrical mechanisms with an EMF. RF EMFs require an electrical interpretation first, the frequency is the speed of the Electromagnetic Field(EMF)

Here is my email to the reporter yesterday:

Hello Charlotte(Huffman):

 Thanks for your reporting on the Mystery School Illness. It isn’t a popular job but an important one to represent the best interests of all. I am not contacting you with an agenda except to help isolate the problem.

I was sent the link to your reporting by an elected official in Washington State. That official had heard me doing an interview on the real dangers of wireless smart meters and WiFi. Politicians in their own areas were being dismissive of WiFi causing harm when it is extremely dangerous as applied. While they call WiFi wireless communication, they aren’t representing that WiFi is fast-moving, highly penetrating electromagnetic fields used for communication.

One of my jobs as a professor is lecturing magnetic fields and the dangers of EMFsin accredited medical education for education credits required for ongoing medical licensing. I was on the Texas PUC’s Expert Panel on Smart Meters which used 2 frequencies in the meter. I provided written evidence for the Texas Senate Committee related to the same. I was a Registered Intervener in a utility application for smart meters and those meters had a WiFi antenna as well. I led our team finding the causal link between the RF EMFs as applied and reported through Health Canada before providing expert witness for Canadian Parliaments Standing Committee on Health.

I also had to substantiate the harm before it was accepted for lecture for CMEcredits. You may have heard some of the controversy on wireless as applied but there is no controversy. WiFi frequencies are fast-moving EMFs that are going through bodies from head to toe. Exposure codes admit they trigger nerves and the reason people are NOT supposed to be hit by the EMFs. The EMFs are inducing electrical currents into bodies and causing symptoms across the board. During the cross-examination of an electrical engineer he admitted the WiFi frequency in their meter was 2.45 GHz. That means the EMFs will expand and collapse in the body including the brain 4.9 billion times per measurable second. Here is our news and includes the letter written for the elected official. It is important you see the science used to say the RF EMFs are not hurting teachers or students. It is a plastic head with water in it and I would bet a dollar none of the teachers, students and parents have a plastic head.

As a technical troubleshooting teams for governments, industry, insurers and including difficult diagnosis, WiFi can NOT be ruled out. This technology was never tested or went through any regulatory process. That was part of our 10,000 plus hour investigation.

I can’t qualify the years of work in an email but it can not be left out. I will add that it has been embarrassing to watch political and self interests try to protect themselves when this is really an assault with an extremely dangerous weapon as applied. It does compromise the nervous, hormonal and immune systems at the same time with zero margin of error.

 My heart goes out to the people of the community and officials trying to deal with something including a technology they were told was safe. I look forward to any questions including challenges. The SAR test for WiFi left out the routers bathing the classrooms in EMFs and they don’t believe there are health effects because the plastic head has no biology.



Professor Curtis Bennett

Chief, IHF Science Advisory Board(14,000 members)
Adjunct Professor for Accredited Medical Education For CME Credits
Thermal Radiation Consultant for 37 Years
Interprovincial Journeyman Electrician(Red Seal)
Building Engineering Technologist


Very Important Interview By Retired RN Donna Bohannan on Causation Linking Smart Meter Fires To Illegal Installation and Missing Causation Linking RF EMFs to Adverse Health Effects, Infrastructure, Building and Eco Damage Plus More in Memphis and Beyond

It is important for people and professionals to listen to this interview. Professionals and science professionals need to expand on RF EMFs interacting with their area of expertise.

Exposure codes related to limits of human exposure are the same science used around the world. The purpose of the code is to protect the public but exposure codes alarming admitted that causation and biological plausibility was missing linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

Under direct cross-examination in the British Columbia Utilities Commission for the FortisBC application, FortisBC expert Dr. Bailey admitted people had to be exposed to be hurt. FortisBC Engineer Mark Warren took exception to me saying FortisBC would hurt people with smart meters. He stated you could be centimeters away and be safe. I asked if they will cover 17,000 sq. kms with these RF EMFs to communicate with smart meters. He said yes. Now you have electrical causation showing how people, buildings, infrastructure and ecosystems are hit by the fast-moving, penetrating RF EMFs.

In K. M. lawsuit in Tennessee, they call it the RF “energy” from the antenna on their property. People have died on their property, they are hurt, tenants are hurt and there is more damage. The lawyers want causation testimony from their doctors or their case can be dismissed and that is after spending 180,000 dollars on lawyers and reporting.

The RF “energy” coming from the antenna is an electromagnetic field(EMF). The antenna is omni directional meaning the RF EMFs are transmitting to all directions and receiving from all directions. The antenna also reaches a distance and it is the RF EMFs from the antenna that shows electrical causation. K.M., family, tenants, buildings, ecosystems are hit by the EMFs which is causation evidence. It demonstrates how they are hit by RF EMFs that are very dangeous as applied. Electrical causation has to be shown first how EMFs hit buildings, infrastructure, tenants, ecosystems. Electrical causation and EMFs requires a qualified electrical interpretation first, then the other applicable professionals jump in as to what it means to their area of expertise.

There is no margin of error on causation and the reason Donna Bohannan interviews Professor Bennett. Donna is a retired RN that worked Pediatrics(ICU) including policies and procedures. Donna knows and understands the significance of causation being lectured for CME credits. Donna is a very careful and competent health professional because she took nothing for granted. The CME program had to be validated or she wouldn’t have interviewed Professor Bennett a second time.

Kansas City, Missouri Investigative Reporter Andy Alcock verified in their investigation the fires in Kansas City associated with smart meters. It was damning what the utility in Kanasa City admitted to in their follow-up investigation. The VP of the utility admits it sounds like a connection problem but admits they can’t touch the connections.

That sounds confusing but isn’t. When it comes to working on a meter base, that is the only time the utility’s electricians work with the building owner’s electricians. The utility would shut off the power after they read the meter, cut the tamper tab and then electricians for the building owner take over. We would make sure the power was off in the building before they shut off the power.

Then the electrician would remove the meter very very carefully because there are connections inside the meter base that are very fragile and haven’t been maintained. Some buildings are decades old and the electrical components inside the meter base are fragile.

There is a defined physical point where the utility’s jurisdiction ends and electricians begins. In Memphis, Kansas City, Canada and across the United States utilities have used unqualified people who have crossed property lines. Not only did they touch the meter bases, they pulled them under electrical load so there were arcs, surges and when they put the smart meter on there were arcs and surges. The utility did not make sure the connections in the meter base were cleaned, tightened or repaired. Those connections aren’t theirs BUT they can not be left unattended. As a result millions of meters have been mass installed and millions of buildings are a real and immediate fire hazard.



You can see the images to the left and the 3 connections where the center connection is hotter.

That center is 313 deg. F. and the connection to the left of the center connection is 169 deg. F.
The center connection’s arcing welded the connection and the equipment couldn’t be shut off.

On these new meters, they are plastic and combustible. The new meter won’t even work because nothing works properly with connection problems. These connection NEVER repair themselves. If they are not cleaned, tightened or repaired there will be an electrical failure with associated electrical explosions, failure and fires.

Memphis has to stop their wireless smart meter program and reverse what they have done. They will not avoid their liability.

Post below is from Get Smart Memphis Discussion Group (Facebook)

Many more people are waking up to the cumulative dangers (and costs) of the SMART METER grid. Billing increases, fires, destruction or interference with electronics (even pacemakers), hacking, surveillance of household appliance usage… A traditional analog meter sure sounds better to me!

Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW interview!)
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( joins Donna to discuss tragic SMART METER fires as well as the related dangers of RF (radio frequency) and EMF (electromagnetic fields).
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Unfortunately there were audio problems during the interview so the link below isn’t working. Engineers for the show are working on it and the show will run again tomorrow. So a different link will be here tomorrow.

FIRE REALITIES, ARCs, SURGES With Loose and Corroded Connections on Illegally Installed Smart Meters By Unqualified People and The Combustible Meter Burning Outside Fire Protection For The Building








Below is the post from Memphis. My electrical and consulting background related to loose and corroded connections is 37 years. Utilities and Industry will maintain electrical connections every 6 months, year or maybe 2 years or there can be electrical failure, fires, explosions.

How old are the homes and buildings in Memphis, Shelby County or any city? Those connections in the meter base haven’t been maintained in decades and then an unqualified installer pulls the meter off under electrical load. That is followed by putting the smart meter under electrical load. It isn’t a question of if there will be a fire, it is when.

FIERY concerns about SMART METERS! Precious lives can be lost if proper measures are not taken. LISTEN to this discussion!

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Get Smart Memphis

WEDNESDAY 5 PM Show LIBERTY in ACTION (Jan 18, 2017)
Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW interview!)
GUESTS: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( joins Donna and local radio host Wallace Redd to discuss potential DEATHS from smart meters for African-Americans and all others in Shelby County. We can survive losing dollars to these meters, but what about lives?! This is an issue of concern for ALL! Don’t miss this show!
Tune In to AM 1600 radio Mon-Wed-Fri at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
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Smart Meters Will Not Reduce GHG Emissions, Save Energy and Vehicle Emissions COULD Be Reduced Immediately With No More Deaths of Children Or Pets in Vehicles During Heat Waves

As one of the governments and industries trained and certified energy professionals, our job is energy with associated emissions. For the UN Meeting on Climate Change last year we had provided science to ex Prime Minister Harper showing massive emissions and wasted natural resources were used responding to symptoms. It would remove the massive electrical waste off electrical grids immediately while creating millions of tax paying jobs immediately.

Ex PM Harper worked for the political party first and didn’t pass on the info to the UN or share it with the new Prime Minister Trudeau. As a real and direct result, Canadian buildings are grossly exceeding their Regional Climatic Data provided through Building Codes by Environment Canada. The domino effect is the mass installation of wireless smart meters which will not save 1 watt of energy while creating 100s of billions in liability. This link is part of the evidence for the British Columbia Utilities Commission in the FortisBC application calling for the suspension of their smart meter program. You will see the energy smart meters are trying to address tied to a Building Code rule and the smart meters will not save 1 watt of energy. Observe the last few pages where solar EMFs have created a serious building problem and MASSIVE energy waste responding to the symptoms. The last page shows functional landscaping shading a building while the exposed areas are generating atmospheric heat without emissions produced. 

I contacted Volkswagen after their emission’s testing telling them they could reduce vehicle emissions without touching the engine. A further benefit would be there would be no more deaths of babies, children or pets left in vehicles on a hot day. 

Chrysler has the same problem that could be addressed without re-engineering the vehicle at big costs. Meeting and exceeding emission’s standards without re-inventing the wheel.

The costs and more emissions are harmful environmentally and are inside babies before they take their first breath. The Body Burden and polluted newborns means cancers from conception. 

Causation and Biological Plausibility Linking RF EMFs to Adverse Health Effects Lectured For Continuing Medical Education Credits Required For Ongoing Medical Licensing. No Longer a Debate and Retired RN Donna Bohannan Interviews Professor Curtis Bennett

There are endless points to be made regarding the costs and dangers of SMART METER deployment across Shelby County (by MLGW) and across the nation and the WORLD! You need to be alert to the BIG PICTURE. Be sure to Listen IN!
WEDNESDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Jan 11, 2017)
Radio Host: Donna Bohannon
(NEW Interview!!)
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( is the Chief of the International Science Board, (and Registered Intervener) offering updated “tell-all” facts about the SMART METER GRID, FIRES.
Tune In to AM 1600 radio Mon-Wed-Fri at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
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Liberty in Action (Facebook)

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Important Interview With Host and Retired RN Donna Bohannan of the Real Dangers of Wireless Smart Meters Including Fires Started By Illegal Installation

Donna Bohannan is a retired RN that worked Pediatrics ICU and included policy and procedure. She understands the significance of Continuing Medical Education(CME) credits required for ongoing medical licensing and the reason she will interview Professor Curtis Bennett.

Professor Bennett lectured causation and biological plausibility in a CME program at the University of Central Florida in January, 2011. Causation and biological plausibility  was admitted to be missing in global exposure codes that linked RF EMFs to adverse health effects.

It is hard to imagine the mechanisms linking RF EMFs to adverse health effects had been missing for decades. Here is a picture of the science used by governments, utilities and industries to show there is no peer reviewed science causing harm. Cause was missing linking the RF EMFs  to adverse health because the smart grid and routers were left out of the SAR test. Biological plausibility was missing because the SAR test you see in the picture below has no biology.  The SAR test is baseless science based on a possible heat effect on water and nothing else.

Electrohypersensitivity(EHS) exists as a result of the science missing for decades. RF EMFs are highly pentrating Electromagnetic Fields(EMFs) and EMFs means electrical current is being induced. Inducing amps(current) is creating unrealized problems with costs and liability that are not being addressed. This isn’t a debate, it is now medical education and there is no one exempt from this important interview. Under direct cross examination by Professor Bennett, “experts” admitted the nervous, hormonal and immune systems are compromised at the same time.

Sam Phantom Model
Specific Absorption Rate Test with Temperature Probe in Liquid.








WEDNESDAY 5 PM (Central) LIBERTY in ACTION (Dec 21, 2016)
Radio Host: Donna Bohannon
(New interview!)
GUEST: Prof. Curtis Bennett ( continues to offer EMF and RF information from an international point of view. Stay up to date with smart grid happenings in Shelby County and across the globe. And remind all your neighbors to OPT OUT of SMART METERS! It’s FREE and it is a critical safety and cost saving action!
Tune In to AM 1600 radio Mon-Wed-Fri at 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM.
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